Akamas peninsula map

Akamas covers the western area of Paphos and Cyprus. On our map we have marked the general area of Akamas with the purple line. For a bigger version of the map of Akamas peninsula, click on the image.

Where is Akamas in Cyprus

Akamas peninsula is the far western part of Cyprus. On the small yellow map of Cyprus below, it is the small black area to the left. 

How to visit Akamas

There are two main routes to visit the area. From Coral Bay area in Pegeia village, Paphos and from Polis area. On the map, Coral Bay is at the bottom of the marked area. Polis, on the other hand, is the the right of the marked area, below the small yellow map of Cyprus. There are a few more entries, from the villages around Akamas, like Innia village Kathikas and Arodes villages.