Weather in Cyprus in April

By April weather changes significantly, we consider April the start of the summer and it shows. Temperature goes up significantly and nights are a lot warmer than March. Very light rain is something to expect, on average 5-6 times, but do not imagine grey, cloudy days or heavy rain, it is usually light showers.

Greek Orthodox Easter celebration in Cyprus during AprilClimate averages, average temperature, sunshine and daylight during April in Cyprus

During day time temperature climbs to 20 to 22 degrees on coastal areas, around 25 on the inlands and around 15 at Troodos mountains. Night temperature drops to 15 degrees on coastal areas, a bit less for inlands and around 8 to 10 degrees for Troodos and the mountains. Lower teperatures are rare, but day temperatures up to 30 degrees occur but are not the rule.

Hours of daylight are already 13, and after the time change (because of the daylight saving time) it is day until 7 in the afternoon. Compared to March this is a big difference, not only because there is an extra hour of daylight but mainly because it is day until later. It is one thing to have daylight from 5 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon and a different story to have this extra hour of day when you are awake instead of very early in the morning.

Hours of sunshine are 10 to 11 daily and it is the time of the year you start hiding from the sun rather than seeking it :)
Activities, things to do in April

Although sea temperature is still a bit cool, bathing and sea activities are definitely an option by April. April is the month of Easter, we Cypriots are Orthodox which means that our Easter is usually one week later than Catholic Easter. Arrange to go to a church on Holy Friday or Holy Saturday it is well worth watching our traditions. Make sure that you taste Flaouna, a local (kind of) cheese pie that is traditionally prepared only for Easter. On Easter Sunday afternoons people gather in squares and play traditional games, a visit to a village is a different experience.

High winds and dust from Sahara desert / Africa

During March and April and first two weeks of May, we have days with strong, warm winds with south direction, from Africa. This results to bringing over to Cyprus dust from Sahara desert and Africa. Most of the times this is obvious but not disturbing, sometimes however the dust in the atmosphere comes in high concentrations. These days the visibility is limited and may result in eye itching and difficulty in breathing, especially for young kids and older people. It is advisable to avoid going out these days.

These annoying days are not more than 4-5 during the whole period, but the phenomenon can last 2 or 3 consecutive days.

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