Weather in Cyprus in August

August is the second hottest month of the year, with weather conditions very similar to July. Small clouds may appear now and then during the day. These clouds sometimes (just a few times per month, maybe four or five) give showers during August, mainly in the inlands and Troodos. The showers do not last for long periods, but can be intense. Temperature remains always high.

Preparing souvla for 15 August celebrationClimate averages, average temperature, sunshine and daylight during August in Cyprus

More or less, temperatures in August are very similar to those of July, maybe slightly lower. On average temperatures are 30 to 33 degrees in the coastal areas, 34 to 37 degrees in the inlands and 28 to 31 degrees at Troodos mountains during the day. Night temperatures are between 20 and 24 degrees, slightly increased compared to July, in contrast to daily temperatures. Heat waves are common in August as well. Daylight is a bit less than the previous summer months. The sun rises aroundsix in the morning. Towards the end of August dark falls around seven thirty in the evening. Sunshine hours are around 11 per day.

Activities, things to do in August

Water sports, water parks again number one option. Take advantage of lower temperatures early in the morning for excursions and siteseeing. August is the month during which most of the Cypriots take their leaves from their jobs and visit their villages. Almost every single village in Cyprus organizes a local festival in August and everybody is welcome to attend. If you like Greek music, many famous Greek artists give concerts in Cyprus in August, so watch this out as well.


A bit of tradition: during the first 15 days of August, usually clouds appear on the sky. According to tradition, twelve of these days, from 4 to 15 of August correspond to the twelve months of the year and we call them minallayia, a free translation of this would be months changes. There are "experts", usually older persons, who claim that they can read and interpret the way the clouds appear on the sky and, according to this, they predict the weather conditions for each one of the next twelve months. Yes, they do believe that they can do this :)

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