Weather in Cyprus in February

February is another cold month but with a difference - there are really warm days indicating that spring and summer are coming. It is still winter though, very cold days (and nights) are common for February.

Limassol carnival parade during FebruaryClimate averages, average temperature, sunshine and daylight during February in Cyprus

Average temperatures for February are around 15 to 17 degrees on coastal and inland areas and less than 10 degrees for Troodos mountains. Compared to January, cold days are less than the warm days. However, very cold weather, well below averages, is not unusual in February.

Night temperatures remain low, around 8 to 10 degrees for coastal and inland areas and 4 to 6 degrees for Troodos mountains. Difference compared to January is that higher temperatures are more likely than lower ones, both for days and nights. Daylight increases slowly and towards the end of the month is already an hour more than in December. Night towards the end of February comes at six. Expected hours of sunshine for February are 6 to 8 and days with rain on average 9 to 10.


Activities, things to do in February

A visit to the snow - covered Troodos is still an option - only provided that is HAS snowed indeed :)

February is the month of carnival, and parades take place all over the major cities of Cyprus. The beautiful days call you to explore the countryside, or, why not, even go to the beach for water sports, there are days that are warm enough even for this!

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