Weather in Cyprus in January

Blossomed almond trees January Paphos CyprusJanuary (and February) are the coldest months of the year. January is also the month that is most likely to snow. During January you may expect grey, rainy days but some wonderful days as well.

Climate averages, average temperature, sunshine and daylight during January in Cyprus

Average temperatures for January are around 15 to 17 degrees on coastal and inland areas and less than 10 degrees for Troodos mountains. Days below 10 degrees on coastal and even below zero on the Troodos mountains occur now and then, but beautiful, sunny days with temperatures climbing to low twentys also occur.
Temperatures during the night hours are below 10 degrees on coastal and inland areas and just above zero, at 2 to 5 degrees, on the mountains. Daylight is the least during the year, around ten hours. At 5 in the afternoon is already dark night. On average there are 5 to 7 sunshine hours per day and 12 to 16 rainy days, but remember that averages is one thing and reality another. January is the month during which it is most likely to snow on Τroodos mountains, but sometimes at lower altitudes as well.

Activities, things to do in January

A visit to the snow - covered Troodos is a must. On January 6th we celebrate the Epiphany day, although it is a religious holiday you can go to the beach and watch the celebration - many young and not so young jump into the sea and try to catch a cross that a priest throws into the sea for the blessing of the waters.
Blossomed almond trees

Although January is the heart of the winter, there is evidence that this will not last for ever! Towards the end of the month almond trees start blossoming. Take advantage of a beautiful sunny day - you must be very unlucky to be in Cyprus and not find a day like this even in January - and visit the countryside, almond trees are found everywhere and in the middle of winter it is such a beautiful spectacle to see a tree covered in white and pink flowers!

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