Weather in Cyprus in March

From March, weather starts becoming better and better. The nature shows its best, everything is green and wild flowers blossom. Bright, sunny days are much more than the occasional "bad" day, light clothing is usually enouph during the day but nights still require something more than a shirt, just to remind us that still it is not summer.

Walking in the nature | Cyprus in MarchClimate averages, average temperature, sunshine and daylight during March in Cyprus

Average temperatures for March are around 19 to 20 degrees on coastal and inland areas and around 12 to 15 degrees degrees for Troodos mountains. Days with temperatures above 20 up to 25 degrees are not unusual.
During the night however temperature drops to 10 degrees, so if you visit Cyprus in March bring with you light clothes for days and something more (but not heavy) for nights.
Daylight is around 12 hours in March, with sunset around six in the afternoon and daylight until 6:30. On average there are 8 to 9 sunshine hours per day. Raining happens but it is definetely not the rule, usually it is showers that last for a few minutes.

Activities, things to do in March

Go out! March is a perfect month to enjoy Cyprus nature and activities like walking, bicycling, horse ridind, options are endless. The combination of green nature, beautiful days and relatively low temperatures call for these.

Cyprus daylight saving time

Daylight saving time for Cyprus starts the last Sunday of March. It is a big difference because after this you suddenly have one extra hour of day in the afternoon which really matters when you are on holidays and daylight lasts until around 7 in the afternoon.

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