Weather in Cyprus in October

October combines beautiful, sunny days and cooler nights. It is ideal for those who seek more relaxed holidays without sacrificing the beautiful weather. It is automn, so there will be a few rainy days during October, on average 3 to 4. Daylight continues reducing but you can still enjoy many hours of sunshine, without the discomfort that high temperatures and increased humidity mainly July and August bring.

Kalopanagiotis village Troodos mountainsClimate averages, average temperature, sunshine and daylight during October in Cyprus

Weather remains hot with average temperatures during the day around 26 to 28 degrees for coastal areas and inlands and 20 to 25 degrees for Troodos mountains. During the night temperature drops to 16 to 18 degrees on coastal areas, 14 to 17 degrees on the inlands and 8 to 12 degrees at Troodos mountains. Although there are times that October is a completely dry month, usually it does rain a few times, on average there will be 3 to 4 rainy days. Rains in October can become storms, even with hail, but the weather will remain warm. Daylight lasts for about 11 hours a day and it becomes dark shortly after six-thirty in the afternoon at the begining of the month and shortly after six towards the end of the month, but see below about daylight savings time. On average sunshine hours to be expected are between 8 and 10.

Activities, things to do in October

Sea and sea sports are still a good option, as sea temperature is about 25 degrees. But October is ideal for those who would like to explore Cyprus. The lower temperatures make trips by car or by bus much more comfortable, so October is ideal for excursions and explorations.

Cyprus daylight saving time

Daylight saving time ends at the last Sunday (Saturday towards Sunday) of October, when clocks go one hour back. This means that suddenly daylight during the afternoon lasts less and it becomes night shortly after five in the afternoon.


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