Weather in Cyprus in September

September is another wonderful, sunny month, it is still summer in Cyprus, however there are signs that summer's peak has passed. Weather is hot and dry but nights are a bit cooler and daylight slowly - slowly becomes less.Limassol wine festival Cyprus September

Climate averages, average temperature, sunshine and daylight during September in Cyprus

Daily temperatures in September are similar to those of June, 28 to 32 degrees for coastal areas, 33 to 35 degrees for inland and 26 to 30 degrees for Troodos mountains during the first and second weeks of September. Average night temperatures are a bit lower, 14 to 15 degrees for Troodos mountains, 15 to 17 degrees for inlands and 16 to 18 degrees for coastal areas. During the third and fourth week of September, temperature drops a bit during the day at coastal and inland areas. At Troodos mountains the difference is much bigger, with temperatures around 20 degrees. During this second half of September, there are days when clouds - finally - occur, and there is a possibility of showers, especially in the inlands and mountains.
Daylight starts decreasing. During the first and second weeks of September there are about 13 hours of daylight and drop to 12 hours during the third and fourth week. It is daytime until seven-thirty in the afternoon during the first week of September and only until six-forty-five towards the end of the month. Weather is still wonderful and cooler nights compensate and relieve from the occasional very hot day, which still occur. Hours of sunshine are a bit more than 11 per day.

Activities, things to do in September

The sea is still wonderful and warm and not so crowdy as in July and August, so this is a perfect time to enjoy it. There are many events in Cyprus in September, Wine Festival in Limassol and Paphos Aphrodite Open Air Opera in Paphos are the two that stand out, consider them both.

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