Kato Paphos beaches - where to swim in Kato Paphos area

Many wonder where to swim in Kato Paphos. The answer is that there are a few very nice beaches in Kato Paphos tourist area, where you can swim. Most of them are small, yet very beautiful, sandy with clear waters and many amenities around them. They are easily accessible even on foot, but most visitors don't know them because they are hidden behind the beachfront hotels of Kato Paphos.

Vrysoudia beach at Kato PaphosThere is a common misunderstanding about the beaches in this area. Many believe that the beaches belong to the beachfront hotels and only their customers (tourists staying at these hotels) have the right to use them. This is totally wrong. All the beaches, everywhere in Cyprus are public, belong to the state and are open to everybody.

This, of course, applies and to these Kato Paphos beaches. The beach/area with the sand in front of the sea is public space freely available to everybody. Nobody has the right to tell you that you are not allowed to use a beach. 

The area, of course, above the beach, usually with grass and rest chairs next to the water pools, belong to the hotels. Each hotel keeps the right to make it available only to its customers. Many of the hotels, however, welcome external visitors as well.

So, in one small sentence: The beaches between the beachfront hotels and the sea are public and open to everybody. 



Kato Paphos tourist area includes three distinctive areas: the Geroskipou coastal area, the Kato Paphos area, and the Tombs of the Kings area. Here are the best beaches in Kato Paphos area, to enjoy your bath:

Geroskipou - Rikkos beach, Geroskipou municipal beach

Kato Paphos tourist area: starts from the small beach in front of the Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel Club and continues until the Kato Paphos municipal beach or Ta Bania, at the beginning of Kato Paphos harbor. There is also a very small/tiny beach at the harbor. In this area, there are a few small but very nice beaches. Many of them hold a Blue Flag, which means that the waters in these beaches are very clean and at the same time there are facilities for the swimmers. Last but not least, they are accessible to persons with mobility problems (wheelchair accessible).


Kato Paphos tourist area beaches:

We present the beaches as they appear from east to west, which means that the beaches are in the order you find them as you go to Kato Paphos harbor.

Geroskipou Rikkos beach water sportsGeroskipou (Yeroskipou) Rikkos beach

A Blue flag beach. This is a large beach, the eastern boundary of Kato Paphos. The beach extends for more than two kilometers and is mainly a pebbles beach. There are pieces of sandy beaches as well. The sand in this area is a bid muddy and looks like clay. There are 3-4 cafeterias in the area, right on the beach. There are also showers and toilets for the public. During the summer there are lifeguards from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. There is ample free parking space, in case you plan to visit the beach by car.


Geroskipou (Yeroskipou) Municipal beach

A Blue flag beach. Lying next to Rikkos beach, this is a fully organized beach with fine sand, cafeteria/restaurant, showers, toilets, beach bars, and other amenities.



Pachyammos 2 beach

Small, blue flag beach. Together with Pachyammos, these two small and narrow beaches are popular among young couples and for water sports.

Pachyammos beach and Pachyammos 2 beach

Both are Blue flag beaches. Pachyammos beaches are located below the Louis Imperial beach hotel and Constantinou Bros Athina Royal Beach hotel.
Pachyammos beach is a small sandy beach, popular among young local families. The sand is only 50 meters long and the sea-bottom is rocky. The waters are very clear, this is another Blue Flag beach in Kato Paphos.

Vrysoudia AVrysoudia B beaches

Blue flag beaches near Amphora hotel, Alexander the Great beach hotel, and the Deck Café.

Alykes beach

Located below Almyra hotel, is one more Blue flag beach.

Kato Paphos Municipal Baths (Ta Mpania)

Blue flag beach. Ta Mpania, the municipal beach of Kato Paphos, is located in the center of Kato Paphos, just next to the port.

Different to all other Kato Paphos beaches, the Municipal Baths are not a sandy beach. Most of this beach is covered with concrete and a wooden deck. There is a small area with sand, sunbeds and umbrellas, however. The umbrellas and seats for sunbathing are available for a small fee. The waters are deep and the bottom of the sea is rocky. Despite these, the very easy access, the amenities including access to disabled persons, locker and shower rooms, and the clear waters make it a very popular beach.
The Municipal beach is very easily accessible. For anyone staying at one of the many hotels in Kato Paphos area, it is a short and nice walk. Or you can catch a bus which makes a stop just a few meters from the beach.
The restaurant/cafeteria with the same name, Ta Mpania, which is virtually on the water above the sea, offers a variety of refreshments and easy dishes like souvlakia (pork meat chopped in small pieces and grilled on the charcoal) for example. They offer good quality and service at logical prices, so we easily recommend it. The café is also a popular place of meeting of the local all year round swimmers (winter swimmers). You can find them early in the morning, every day, summer and winter, with sun, wind, or rain, enjoying their bath and socializing.
Ta Mpania is one more of the Blue Flag beaches in Kato Paphos.


Tombs of the Kings area beaches

These beaches can be found after the Kato Paphos harbor, it is the west part of Kato Paphos, towards Chlorakas and Coral Bay. This area, stretching from the Lighthouse (Faros) beach, until the beach in front of the Venus hotel, is notorious for a bad reason: There are many very strong sea currents here and, unfortunately, we have victims from swimmers who believed that they can beat the sea: please remember this, you will never beat the sea. When the sea is rough and the currents are very strong, please do not enter the sea. Stay safe for you and your family and friends.

Faros Lighthouse beach Kato PaphosLighthouse beach (Faros beach)

Faros beach is another very popular beach in Kato Paphos. As its name suggests, it is near the Paphos lighthouse. Unlike all other beaches above, this one is located to the west of Kato Paphos. You can find it between the areas of Paphos Archaeological Park and Tombs of the Kings.
From the harbor, you can walk the beautiful stone-built path next to the sea. It starts on the back of the castle and follows the seashore. The Lighthouse beach is about 10-15 minutes walk from the harbor.









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