Things to do in Kato Paphos Cyprus

Kato Paphos combines thousands of years of history, nice small beaches and state of the art infrastructure. This means that, when it comes to attractions and activities, Kato Paphos offers many options for everybody. So here is what is there to do in Kato Paphos during your holidays.


Ancient Odeon at Kato Paphos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


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Kato Paphos attractions

Kato Paphos activities

Free things to do in Kato Paphos

5 things to do in Kato Paphos with kids

Things to do and places to visit near Kato Paphos







Kato Paphos attractions

Kato Paphos archaeological park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site definitely deserves a visit. Among other you will see impressive, about two thousand years old mosaics, among the best in the world.

Tombs of the Kings

Another impressive ancient monument. It is an ancient necropolis, with tombs carved in the rock. 

Kato Paphos harbour and castle

The landmark of Paphos, the small, beautiful Kato Paphos port and the ancient castle is the place to relax and enjoy a refreshment next to the sea. It is a very popular site for locals as well. 

Paphos Aphrodite Water Park

A nice water park, highly recommended for a day full of fun.


Activities in Kato Paphos

Swimming in Kato Paphos beaches

The small, beautiful and cozy beaches of Kato Paphos are minutes away from where you stay. Clean and with facilities for swimmers, many of them hold the Blue Flag award. For more information, read our article about Kato Paphos beaches.

Walk the pedestrians' trail connecting Kato Paphos harbour with the Tombs of the Kings

This stone-built trail follows the seashore of Paphos. Very enjoyable, you can walk it all, about 30-35 minutes, or just walk five-ten minutes as you wish and then return to the harbour for a refreshment. Both are wonderful ideas. Another good suggestion for this is to walk it around the time of sunset (between seven and eight in the afternoon in the summer, depending on the period), and enjoy a very beautiful sunset.

Water sports

Many beaches offer water sports, an active and fun way to enjoy your day at the sea.

Sea cruises from the harbour

 From the harbour there are small ships that offer small cruises near the shore of Paphos, or a romantic dinner with candles and fireworks at the end! For tickets just go to the harbour and you will see the desks where you can buy your tickets.

Kato Paphos Segway tours


Visit the Paphos Mall

The 'Kings Avenue Mall' is a big shopping mall, of about 48000 square meters. With many shops and restaurants, a cinema and a supermarket, an indoor play area for children, is a perfect place to combine shopping and fun. The mall is about a 10-15 minutes walk from the Kato Paphos harbor area. There are also buses stopping outside the mall and underground parking spaces for 1100 cars.


Free things to do in Kato Paphos

Kato Paphos offers the opportunity to enjoy a few things for free. See our suggestions and enjoy!

Enjoy the small but beautiful sandy beaches.

Walk the pedestrians trail, sit at the dedicated places and enjoy the wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. And, if the time is right, enjoy the wonderful sunset.

Visit archaeological sites with no entrance:

Chrysopolitissa Basilica, Agia Kyriaki church, and Saint Paul’s pillar

Agia Solomoni Church and Catacomb

Fabrica Hill: Ancient caves carved in solid rock. On the top of the hill, there are ancient ruins and centuries-old small churches carved in the rocks. There is no entrance to this ancient site, and you also enjoy beautiful views of Kato Paphos and the Mediterranean Sea, from the elevated position of this small hill.

Watch the performances (singing, dancing) which take place either near the harbour or at the plateau near the Municipal Baths, next to Mpania restaurant and coffee bar. They usually take place every Saturday and Sunday morning, during the summer period.


5 things to do in Kato Paphos with kids

Visit the beach
We start with the obvious. There are many good beaches around, kids and (older) kids love the sea, so do not lose even a day from visiting and enjoying the sea and sun! Many beaches offer water sports and other activities for more fun.

Visit Paphos Aphrodite Water Park
Water parks are attractions that kids love. The Paphos Aphrodite Water Park is in Kato Paphos and offers many exciting toys for everybody. Take advantage of their special family packages for your visit.

Visit Paphos Zoo – at Coral Bay area, but there is a free bus transfer from Kato Paphos.
Paphos Zoo is located near Coral bay, but there is a free bus starting from Kato Paphos to the zoo. I have yet to hear anyone, young or old, not loving the zoo. Check out here the bus time table.

Visit the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the archaeological park you will see among others some of the very best mosaics of the ancient world. Located just behind the harbour, with ample parking if you rent a car, you can combine a visit to both the harbour and the archaeological park.

Walk on the beachfront from Ta Mpania until the harbour, enjoy a refreshment or an ice cream either at Ta Mpania restaurant and cafeteria or at one of the cafeterias at the harbour. At both places, you will be sitting virtually on the sea and enjoy wonderful views of the harbour and the castle.


Things to do and places to visit near Kato Paphos

There are many interesting places to visit near Kato Paphos. Access is easy by bus. They have in common the facts that (1) you can visit them easily by bus from Kato Paphos, and (2) you can visit in a short time, from one to four hours.


  1. Visit Paphos old town (old market, town hall square, Mousallas cafeteria, craftsmen, restaurants and cafeterias at the old market with great views of Kato Paphos and the Mediterranean Sea, Paphos Archaeological Museum, Paphos Municipal Gallery with free entrance, Paphos Ethnographic Museum)
    (10-15 minutes by bus)
  2. Visit Coral Bay
    (20-30 minutes by bus)
  3. Visit Paphos Zoo
    (20-30 minutes by dedicated free bus from Kato Paphos)
  4. Visit Agios Neophytos Monastery
    (20-30 minutes by bus)
  5. Visit Petra tou Romiou
    (40-60 minutes by bus)
  6. Visit Geroskipou
    (15-25 minutes by bus)



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