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Practical information for visitors

The village of Kissonerga is located about half the way between the town of Paphos and Coral Bay beach. Lying near the sea, it is surrounded by lush greenery.

Kissonerga village general viewWhile most of the tourist infrastructure like hotels, hotel apartments, holiday villas and restaurants are concentrated around the main road connecting Kato Paphos with Coral Bay area, the village itself lies around one km from this road and the seashore. It is a serene, friendly and beautiful village in green surroundings. Most of the houses in the village are new, with beautiful designs and nice gardens, full of trees and flowers. Its population was around 2000 persons in 2011.

By choosing to stay in Kissonerga area for your holidays, you will be able to easily explore the whole area of lower Paphos (or Paphos lowlands), while the rest of Paphos region is within easy reach. 

In addition to Kissonerga, lower Paphos includes the villages of Chlorakas, Emba, Tala and Pegeia. The Coral Bay area and Akamas peninsula national park, both great attractions for visitors and locals alike, are also part of lower Paphos. You can easily visit both from Kissonerga. Kato Paphos, the main tourist area, is also easily accessible from Kissonerga, by car or bus.


Kissonerga must be on your short list for holidays destinations if you value these during your vacations:

- If you like a safe environment, beautiful green surroundings, and nature.

- If you consider choosing from many good restaurants of different types as part of getting closer to the mentality of the locals.

- And what about having the options of many different activities every day? Walking to the sea for your swim?

If these are what you are looking for your holidays, Kissonerga offers them all and even more.

What makes Kissonerga unique are its banana plantations and its archaeological sites. The archaeological sites date back to the prehistoric and the Chalcolithic periods. They are almost 9000 years old.

The boundaries of the village expand until the coastline of Paphos, but the village itself is located about one km from the sea. There are many banana plantations in the area between the village and the sea. During the summertime, in the fields surrounding the village, there are also many other seasonal plantations. Among them, there are watermelon plantations, for which Kissonerga is also famous. The green of the bananas and other plantations, combined with the Mediterranean blue as a background, create a unique and very beautiful sight.

Kissonerga village 7 days weather forecast

For many years agriculture was the main occupation and income for the village. Kissonerga was producing all kind of fruits and vegetables, but it was famous for its bananas and watermelons. Today, although there are still many plantations around Kissonerga, the village is a very touristic place, with hotels at the coastline, holiday villas and apartments, restaurants and pubs.

Lower Paphos expands from Kato Paphos until Pegeia village, Coral Bay area and Akamas peninsula to the west. It includes the villages of Chlorakas, Emba, Tala, Lemba, Kissonerga, Akoursos and Pegeia. What they have in common these villages, is that are near the sea and at low altitude. Most of the villages of Paphos are on the mountainous inland of Paphos district. The village of Tala, although it is on a hill about three to four kilometers from the sea, belongs to the lower Paphos because of its location, near to the other villages.

Kissonerga coastline and beaches - Beaches near Kissonerga

Most of the beaches of Kissonerga are small and not well known. Kotsias beach and Potima Bay beach are both long, sandy beaches. Kotsias beach is at the beginning and Potima bay beach at the end of Kissonerga coastline. In between, there are a few small but beautiful beaches. The coastline of Kissonerga stretches to about six kilometers. Taking the Tombs of the Kings road from Kato Paphos towards Coral Bay beach, the coastline starts after Chlorakas village. The Kotsias beach is considered the boundaries between Kissonerga and the adjacent village of Chlorakas to the east (i.e. towards the town of Paphos). To the other end, the coastline of Kissonerga finishes near the Coral Bay beach. Driving a car, you will notice this when the road is next to the sea to your left. The boundaries of Kissonerga are at the point where the road starts to diverge from the coast. That is the point where Kissonerga ends. While most of the coastline is rocky, there are a few nice sandy beaches suitable for swimming.
There is, however, an issue with the sea currents in the area. When the sea is rough, these currents become strong and potentially dangerous. In such a case, please stay safe out of the sea. This is actually a problem that affects the area from Faros beach, i.e. the Lighthouse beach in Kato Paphos, until the end of Potima beach at Kissonerga. Please always remember this in case you swim in this area.

Potima Bay beachKissonerga Potima Bay beach

Potima bay beach is a very long sandy beach. It is about 2 km from Kissonerga, half the way between the village and Coral Bay. Potima bay beach is at the place where the road that connects Kissonerga and Coral Bay, is just a few meters from the sea. It is a fully organized beach and the whole area is very beautiful. There are many banana plantations on the slope overlooking the beach, which gives a unique character to the whole area. You must remember and take seriously into account the problem with the sea currents here as well. The municipal beach bar here, known as Sea You Bar, is very popular.

Kotsias beach

This is a very nice beach, about 250 meters long, with fine yellow sand. When the weather is fine it is a very good place to visit and swim. But when the weather becomes windy, or the sea is even a bit rough, then there are very dangerous water currents in the area which drive you to the open sea. There are warning signs and when the sea becomes dangerous a black flag is raised. Please, NEVER enter into the sea when you see this. It can be very dangerous.

Plaka beach

Plaka beach is straight under the village. This is a small beach and there is a cliff of about 20 meters high above it. The beach is accessible through stairs that lead down to the sea. It is a short 10 - 15 minutes' walk from the village through banana plantations and other fields, a joy to walk.

Pente Litharia (Five Rocks) beach

This is another small and very beautiful beach, located near the Queens Bay hotel. Its name came from a formation of five big rocks that enter the sea. Like Plaka beach, it is a rocky beach with a small area of sand.

Other beaches near Kissonerga

Your options for swimming are not limited to the beaches of Kissonerga. There are many other beaches, close to the village, which you can easily visit by car or bus. Of them, i recomend these three:

Coral Bay CyprusCoral Bay beach

One of the best beaches in Cyprus, Coral bay, a blue flag beach, is about five km - ten minutes drive- from Kissonerga. It is a big beach with fine sand. There are many facilities on and near the beach. There are also water sports on the beach. Lifeguards take care for the safety of the swimmers. Also, in the area around the beach, there are many restaurants and bars. It is a very popular beach and during the summer months usually over crowded.

Laourou beach in Coral Bay area

This beach, also known as Arapis beach, is my favourite beach at Coral Bay. It is between the Coral Beach Hotel and the Corallia Hotel. You must continue driving for about 500 - 600 meters after Coral Bay beach to reach it. It is a fully organized beach, with lifeguards and nearby facilities. Like Coral Bay beach, this is also a blue flag beach. It is smaller than Coral Bay beach, with the same fine sand. It is very beautiful and less crowded than Coral bay beach.
You can go to Coral bay beach and Laourou beach easily by bus. There are many and dense bus routes connecting Kissonerga and Coral Bay area, so a car is not a must in case you want to visit the area of Coral Bay. Bus drivers are usually very helpful, and there are bus stops at both beaches. Don't hesitate to ask them to tell you when its time to get off the bus.

St George beach - Agios Georgios hotel beach

This beach is at the opposite side of Coral Bay. It is a small but very beautiful and family friendly beach below Saint George hotel at Chlorakas area. The beach is between the hotel and the Mediterranean Sea. It is about one and a half km from Kissonerga.
This beach, as any other beach anywhere in Cyprus, does not belong to the hotel. By law, the coastline of Cyprus, including all beaches, belong to the state and are open to the public. Just a small reminder because many believe that beaches directly under o hotel are private beaches. They are not, these beaches are open to the public, and no one is allowed to prohibit you from visiting any beach, anywhere.

Municipal Baths beach, Kato Paphos

While visiting Kato Paphos area, you can have your bath at the Municipal Baths beach, right in the heart of Kato Paphos. There are also two nearby beaches, also easily accesible, just minutes walk from Municipal baths. They are SODAP beach and Alykes beach. All these beaches are blue flag beaches. The blue flag award means that a beach has clear waters. It also means that the beach offers all necessary services, facilities and equipment for safe swimming, including life guards.

Things to do in and near Kissonerga - Sightseeing and interesting places to visit

Kissonerga offers the opportunity to combine your holidays with many different activities. Among them we recommend:

  • Kissonerga village banana plantationA stroll in the banana plantations surrounding the village. During this, visit the archaeological sites of the village. The reconstructed, thousands of years old, house at Mosphilia archaeological site, is very interesting.

  • Daily baths at the sea. Even if you stay in the village, prefer to go to the sea on foot. It is a short, very beautiful walk.

  • Visit the Coral Bay beach, about four km away. If you do not hire a car, use the public bus which connects Kato Paphos with Coral Bay and Paphos Zoo. Buses pass every fifteen minutes. In addition to swimming, you can also combine your visit with a visit to Paphos Zoo. If you go just for swimming, it will take between one and three hours, depending how long you want to stay on the beach. Combined with a visit at Paphos Zoo, you will need four to five hours, either a full morning or a full afternoon.

  • Visit the village of Tala, about three km away. You must visit Saint Neophytos Monastery in the area. Another interesting place here is Adonis Baths. You need a car for this excursion. The whole visit, including going to Tala and returning to Kissonerga, takes two to four hours.

  • Take the bus and visit Kato Paphos area. Buses pass every about 15 minutes. They end their route at the area of Kato Paphos harbour. There are many interesting things to do here.
    I recommend visits to Kato Paphos Archaeological park, the Tombs of the Kings, the church of Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa and the pillar of Saint Paul next to the church. A visit at the small harbour of Kato Paphos and the ancient castle is also a must. You cannot visit all these places in one day, unless you spend a whole day popping from place to place. This is going to be very tiring. It will make two or three very pleasurable mornings or afternoons an exhausting day. Do this only if you decide to dedicate only one day to Kato Paphos, which we do not advise.
    Split these in two or three visits. For each one of them you will spend a whole morning or afternoon, about 3 - 4 hours every time. You can combine these activities with a coffee or refreshment at the harbour.
    The harbour is the place both locals and visitors visit for their morning or afternoon coffee. There are also restaurants in the area, so it is a nice place to eat, although a bit pricey. 
    Swimming is another good option in Kato Paphos. The blue flag Municipal Baths beach, in the heart of Kato Paphos, is an excellent choice and will not take you out of your track. The Bania restaurant and bar is a very beautiful place, vitrually in the sea, for a drink or a meal. There are also many other options for food. You can choose among many different restaurants, but there are also more economical options, like pizza, sandwiches and fast food.


There are many options for visitors to stay in Kissonerga. These include hotels and hotel apartments, holiday villas and holiday apartments. We have created a dedicated page about holiday accommodation in Kissonerga, please visit it.

Restaurants and bars in Kissonerga

There are many tavernas, restaurants and bars in the village and at the tourist area near the sea. There are many good options to choose from. We recommend the following restaurants and tavernas, but there are other good options in the village.

Kambana traditional tavern. Located opposite the church in the middle of Kissonerga. It offers traditional Cypriot food plus a few Mediterranean dishes. In the mornings it also operates as a coffee shop. Ran by a local family, anyone visiting Kambana tavern loves equally the delicious food and the friendly, excellent service and good prices.

Tweedies restaurant. A small, cozy, beautiful place also in the middle of the village. Because of its size making a reservation at least a few hours before is advisable. Ran by a couple of UK origin, they offer international cuisine using only fresh ingredients. Also highly recommended.

Doria, Manzanillo and Harmony restaurants. These three restaurants are in the touristic area of the village, on the tourist road connecting Paphos with Coral Bay. They all offer good cuisine, local and international and great and friendly service. Some of them offer live music a few times every week.

The Marrakech restaurant is an exotic option offering delicious Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes, and some more traditional food as well. Very good food and service, offering something different, also recommended.

Lastly i would like to repeat that there are other good options in the area, we just limit our suggestions to these.


Frequently asked questions about Kissonerga

Where is Kissonerga in Cyprus?

Kissonerga is located in Paphos district, the western part of Cyprus. For more information of this type about the village, visit the official website of Kissonerga.

What is Kissonerga like?

Kissonerga is a small and serene village. Most of the houses are single or two storeys, although lately bigger building blocks up to three floors appear. Like every small place everybody knows, salute and talk to everybody. And, even as a visitor, it is very easy to find yourself greeting and talking to people you meet for the first time, as if they were years old friends! Most of the touristic infrastructures are located towards the sea, outside of the village. In the village there are a few holiday apartments and restaurants. Most of the shops, including restaurants, close relatively early.

How far is Kissonerga from Paphos?

About four to five kilometers from the inland route, about seven kilometers from the coastline route. There are two routes to Kissonerga from Paphos.
The inland route starts from old Paphos town and crosses the villages of Chlorakas and Lemba before going to Kissonerga. Depending on the time and road traffic, you need about fifteen minutes to drive to Kissonerga.
The second route starts from Kato Paphos area. Following the Tombs of the Kings Avenue and driving next to the sea, which you can see at your left-hand side, it is about seven kilometers long. The road is very good, but because of the low-speed limit and increased traffic, it may take up to 15 - 20 minutes to reach the village. Kissonerga is about 1000 meters to the inland, so when you reach Kissonerga - there are more than adequate road signs, so it will be easy to know when you are there - you will have to turn to your right and drive until the main village.
There are also buses connecting Paphos with Kissonerga, extending to Pegeia village and Coral Bay area. The routes are a few times every hour and follow both the inland and coastline roads.

How far is Kissonerga from Coral Bay?

Kissonerga is about four kilometers from Coral Bay area and five kilometers from Coral Bay beach. The road connecting Kissonerga with Coral Bay is very good. One can go to Coral Bay either by car, 10-12 minutes drive, or by bus. There are buses connecting Paphos with Coral Bay and there are two routes. The first one passes through the center of the village, so it is more convenient if you stay in the village.
For those staying in the hotels at the touristic area at the seafront, there is a second bus route coming from Kato Paphos through Tombs of the Kings road and the beautiful road that follows the shore of Paphos.
The bus schedule is dense, for routes details visit the website of Paphos buses.

What is the nearest airport to Kissonerga?

The nearest airport to Kissonerga is the Paphos International Airport.

How far is Paphos airport from Kissonerga?

The airport is about 20 km drive away.

How to get from Kissonerga to Paphos – bus routes

The Public Buses Organization of Paphos connects Paphos with Kissonerga with many routes from early in the morning until late in the night. As stated above, please visit the website of Paphos buses for details.
Also, in addition to hiring a car for your movements, you may take a taxi to take you to Paphos or Kato Paphos. Taxis are available everywhere, all day and night, and will come to you with a phone call.

Kissonerga nightlife

There are a few options for your entertainment in the village during the night. Places like tavernas, restaurants, pubs and coffee shops which, however, are limited as this is a small place. They also close relatively early. There are more places to visit in the touristic area of Kissonerga, the road connecting Paphos with Coral Bay. They are a short walk from your hotel, apartment or villa and it is very easy to go and return. Even at late night the area is safe to walk.
For more options, you will have to visit either Coral Bay area or Kato Paphos. At both places there are many restaurants, bars and cafeterias which remain open until late in the night. If you don't hire a car, you can use the bus service to go to Kato Paphos or Coral Bay. But you will have to take a taxi for your return to Kissonerga. Bus routes stop around midnight.

Kissonerga Archaeology – Archaeological sites in and near Kissonerga

Kissonerga – Skalia

Kissonerga – Mosphilia (or Mosfilia)

Kissonerga - Mylouthkia

Lemba archaeological site


Churches and religious places

There are a few churches and chapels in the area of Kissonerga. Of them, The church dedicated to Metamorfosis tou Sotiros in the village center is worth o visit for its style, as it is a stone built church. Behind it, there is a small chapel dedicated to Agia Zinaida and Agia Philonilli. The chapel is new but next to it are the remains of the original church, which are hundreds of years old. As it is next to the other church, you can visit this place as well. You will not need more than 30 minutes to visit both churches.

Festivals and celebrations

Kissonerga festival
The festival takes place every August. It is a good occasion for all the residents to meet and have fun. No need to say, everybody is welcome to the festival. There is an entrance fee for which you attend the festival, eat (buffet style, includes many traditional foods) and drinks. Watch the events that take place, as there is live music and sightseeing tour around the village among others. I cannot guarantee the quality of the food, but the fun is secured!

Easter celebrations
The Greek Orthodox Easter usually follows the Catholic Easter with a one week delay. During Good Friday and Saturday you may like to attend the ceremony at the church and watch our traditions. I believe they worth the visit. On Easter Sunday and the following Monday, there are a lot of celebrations in the stadium next to the church, also worth visiting.

Shops and supermarkets in Kissonerga

Along the main road which goes through the village, in addition to the likes of restaurants, pubs and coffee shops, there are other shops for your convenience. These include banks, supermarkets, bakeries, hair salon (and barber shop!), pharmacy etc. There are mini markets and other shops on the tourist road to Coral Bay outside the village, but the prices there are more expensive.

Photos of Kissonerga

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Videos of Kissonerga


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