Twelve best sandy beaches in Limassol seafront

Where to go swimming in or near the city of Limassol


Limassol beaches can be sorted into two main categories. The beaches on the seafront of the city, and the beaches near the city which are mainly to the west of Limassol. You can visit many of the city beaches on foot, depending on where you stay in Limassol.

Akti Olympion beach Limassol

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Twelve best sandy beaches on the Limassol seafront

Panagies beach, Nammos beach, Aoratoi beach, and Parklane beach

Dasoudi Beach and Famagusta Nautical Club Beach

Akti Olympion beaches and Miami beach

Limassol Marina beach

Lady’s Mile Beach

Kourion beach

Other beaches near Limassol







Beaches at the Limassol City seafront

There are more than twenty-five sandy beaches across Limassol seafront. Most of them are nice, sandy, organized beaches. Here we will only include some of them, which are the most popular, and also the Blue Flag beaches.

Blue flag beaches are awarded the Blue Flag because they include certain very strict criteria. Among them are the quality of the seawater and beach cleanliness, facilities for the general people like lifeguards, change rooms, and baths, and facilities and easy access for disabled people.

The big advantage of Limassol is the fact that its city seafront, stretching for more than twelve km, from St Raphael Hotel to the east of Limassol, until the Limassol Marina to the west, is almost a continuous enormous beach, easily accessible to all. Please remember that the beaches in front of the beach hotels of Limassol, are all public and everybody can visit them. And, like everywhere else in Cyprus, all the beaches, all over Cyprus, are public and open to everybody.

I group together some beaches, as they are nearby or at the same place and share common characteristics. What I suggest is to visit 2-3 different beaches during your holidays instead of only one and discover the secret beauties and charms of each one of them.

I start the presentation from the East of Limassol, with the end at The Kourion beach and the Kourion theater and ancient site to the West of Limassol.


Panagies beach, Nammos beach, Aoratoi beach, and Parklane beach

This is a group of four very nice beaches, to the far east of Limassol. They are all located at a distance of about 500 meters after the St Raphael hotel, starting just next to the hotel’s marina.

They are very nice beaches and very easily accessible for those staying from near Amathus Ancient Site to the St Raphael hotel, and further to the east, until almost the Moni Power Station. 

The first beach which is right after the St Raphael marina is Panagies beach, while the other three beaches lie all together, first is the Nammos beach, then the Aoratoi beach, a Blue Flag beach, and last the Parklane beach. As we said, these three beaches are one next to the other, about 300 meters to the east of Panagies Beach.

The shore between the beaches is also sandy and many people use it for swimming. In this piece of sand, there is a unique rocky “arm”, starting from the shore next to Panagies Beach and going all the way to Nammos Beach.

It creates a long, shallow, totally protected from the waves sort of pond, perfect for kids and for those who like staying in the water and soaking in the sun.



Dasoudi Beach and Famagusta Nautical Club Beach

Dasoudi beach LimassolThese very nice and popular beaches are in the center of Limassol on either side of Dasoudi and they share common characteristics, so I group them together. Dasoudi in Greek means a small forest, or grove, which I think is the correct word in English. Dasoudi lies in the heart of the Limassol tourist area and is about 1000 meters long. The trees cover the area from the main avenue that crosses Limassol from East to West next to the sea until very close to the sea, where the sand starts.

To the east, you find Dasoudi Beach, while Famagusta Nautical Club Beach is at the west end of the grove. Dasoudi Grove is very popular with people walking or jogging. To help you, if you stand on the sand looking at the sea, Dasoudi Beach is at your left, and Famagusta Nautical Club to your right, or towards the Limassol Marina, which you can see in the far end.

They are popular with couples with kids, especially the Dasoudi beach, as there is ample area for everybody to enjoy the sea. In the grove, there is a restaurant and a large playground next to it, where the kids can play. There is also an outdoor gym available for everybody to use.

On the other end of the grove, at the Famagusta Nautical Club, you can take lessons for paddling, or hire equipment and enjoy sea sports.

The water is shallow for several meters from the shore making it easier for youngsters to swim. Deeper in the sea there are 2 artificial reefs created on purpose for divers and they are popular diving spots.

Dasoudi beaches are very easily accessible, on foot for those staying near the beaches, or by bus for those staying at a distance. Bus routes are dense and stop at the edge of Dasoudi, making it very easy to visit these beaches from anywhere in Limassol. There are places, a restaurant at the Dasoudi beach, and the Famagusta Nautical Club at the other end as well, where you can enjoy a refreshment, coffee, or a meal.


Akti Olympion beaches and Miami beach

Further to the west, between the Crown Plaza Limassol Beach hotel, and stretching for about 1000 meters until where the Limassol Zoo is, there is another set of wonderful beaches.

Miami Beach, Akti Olympion B, Akti Olympion A, and Akti Olympion beaches are located about half the way between Dasoudi to the East and Limassol Marina to the West. Almost all of them are Blue Flag beaches, so you can expect crystal clear waters here as well. There are also all the necessary amenities like changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, easy access to the beaches, facilities for the disabled, and lifeguards most of the day for your safety.

Around the area, there are plenty of shops for a refreshment or a full meal. Access to these beaches is very easy, either on foot or by bus, as many buses pass by with dense routes and stop in front of the beaches.


Limassol Marina beach

Just outside the Limassol marina to the west, there is another very nice beach. It is not very big, but it is a nice sandy beach with rocky arms protecting it from waves, and it is the only beach near the marina.

Because of its location, it provides a good opportunity in addition to enjoying your bath to visit the marina and the nearby old town and Limassol castle. At the marina, there are many cafeterias and restaurants for a drink or food. But the same applies to the square of the Old Town, just five minutes walk from the marina. The Limassol Castle houses an interesting museum, and there are also many other shops to buy memorabilia and the like, so it is an opportunity to do 3-4 things together in one outing.

Like all the other city beaches, visiting this beach is very easy. You will probably need to take the bus, as there are not many places to stay around the marina.


Lady’s Mile Beach

Lady Miles Beach Limassol General viewThis is one of the beaches outside the city of Limassol. Located after the commercial port of Limassol, on the ‘leg’ of Cyprus. It is a very long sandy beach, about 5 km long in total. You need transportation to visit this beach.

There are beach bars across the beach, so you can specify pieces of Lady’s Mile beach based on these. For example, Plage de Soleil, Aplostra Beach Bar, Captain’s Cabin, Oceania Beach Bar, and Columbia Sun work as spots defining where you are on the beach, “I am at Lady’s Mile beach at Aplostra Beach Bar”. These are all popular places, where you can have from a coffee to a full meal. All of them are well known for offering fresh fish at reasonable prices.

Portions of this long beach are windy and are very popular for windsurfing and kite surfing.

To the inland, there are a few interesting places to visit. Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas of the Cats is one of these places, known for the enormous number of cats the nuns take care of around the Monastery. The Limassol Salt Lake is also very interesting. There is an environmental center which is very interesting to visit and learn about this unique salt lake. And, if you are lucky, and the period of the year is the right one, you will see flamingos walking and feeding in it.

The Akrotiri Peer marks the lower end of this beautiful beach to the south.


Kourion beach

Another beautiful long beach, you need a car or a bus to visit. It is about 1000 meters long beach, divided in 3-4 different parts. Like the Lady’s Mile beach, these parts are known from the names of the beach bars and beach restaurants that operate here. There is ample free car parking space.

One of the most famous ancient Greek Theaters, Kourion Theater, is located on the cliffs above the beach. While you are there it is a good opportunity to visit it as well.


Other beaches near Limassol

These beaches lie mainly to the west of Limassol, i.e. towards Paphos. There are, however, 2-3 very good beaches to the east of Limassol, i.e. after the Amathus Archaeological Site and Saint Raphael Hotel.

Good beaches to the east of Limassol are Governor’s Beach and Zygi Public Beach. Both are known for their good fish taverns, so combine your visit here with fresh fish. Both beaches consist of white rocks entering the sea and creating small sandy beaches in between.

Pissouri beach is to the west of Limassol. Find out everything about Pissouri in this article.