Holidays to Limassol Cyprus

Limassol is the cosmopolitan city of Cyprus. It is the preferred place for holidays by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Limassol offers a unique blend of new, traditional and old, with fantastic accommodation, wonderful nightlife and thousands of shops for shopping.

Limassol Cyprus sea frontThere are many modern hotels suitable for everybody, restaurants and bars for every taste, and many small, cozy, traditional places waiting for you to discover and explore.

It is also renowned for its wonderful seafront. The seafront stretches for about ten kilometers. It offers many wonderful places to sit, beaches to swim and many other amenities. There is a wooden seaside path traversing the beachfront of Limassol, from Amathous to the east until the Limassol marina to the west. It provides the ideal place for a walk right on the sea.

In addition to the visitors, there are many thousands of people that have made Limassol their second (or first) home. And they come from every part of the world.

And, of course, the locals. By nature easy-going, led back, friendly and fun-loving, contribute to the unique, fantastic atmosphere of the city. 



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