Petra tou Romiou - Aphrodite's Rock, Paphos


Petra tou Romiou Petra tou Romiou is an area of exceptional natural beauty, almost half the way between Paphos and Limassol. It is also a historical landmark. According to tradition and the ancient myth, Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, was born here. In the nearby village of Kouklia, there is a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. 

The area is accessible either by car, or by bus from Paphos. It is a 20 minutes ride from Paphos and 25 to 30 minutes drive from Limassol. It is advisable to take with you your swimming suite and take a bath. There is only one kiosk in the area to buy refreshments (sory to say this, but to "touristic" prices, so consider taking with you at least water.

Other things to do in the area

Visit the nearby villages of Kouklia and Pissouri. Kouklia is about 3 km away towards Paphos, while Pissouri is about 3 km away towards Limassol. There is a nature trail which you can walk. It is rather easy to walk and it is a very beautiful area. For the golf lovers, there are two golf courses in the area.