Pissouri village Cyprus

Pissouri is a small, peaceful village, built in a very nice location near the sea. It has become a popular tourist resort during the last years. It is divided into two parts, the Old Village, and Pissouri Bay.

The old village is built on a hill about 2 km from the beach. Its elevated position offers wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for the grapes they produce, and there are vineyards around the village. The tourist resort at Pissouri Bay is built on the seashore. It is the touristic part of the village. Despite both parts belong administratively to the same village, there is a distance of about 3,5 to 4 km between them, driving a car.

Pissouri village general view

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Pissouri nightlife

Nightlife in Pissouri is limited. Restaurants and bars both at Pissouri Old Village Square and at Pissouri Bay are the main options. So if you are looking for “wild” nights Pissouri is not the place to consider for holidays. Pissouri holidays are for those looking to enjoy the day either by going to the beach for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, or by exploring the village and the surrounding area, from Limassol to the east until Paphos to the west. And then at night enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant with the good company of family and friends, while later enjoying a drink at a bar.

As I mentioned both Limassol and Paphos are about twenty minutes’ drive away from Pissouri. This means that you can easily visit Limassol or Paphos for a different entertainment night out. But please, never ever drive after drinking. Remember that you are in Cyprus for the holidays, not for drama.


Pissouri beaches

Pissouri Bay beachPissouri Bay beach

The main beach to enjoy is the beach at Pissouri Bay. It is a long beach, about 1500 meters in length. The beach is a mixture of fine sand and pebbles. It is a Blue Flag beach, which means it has very clean waters and offers facilities to the visitors, like changing rooms, toilets, umbrellas, and sunbeds. It is accessible to disabled persons. On the beach, there are also a lot of water sports, and you can hire a water toy or go for diving lessons, among many more.

Nudists beach

A bit further, is a small, secluded beach, known as the nudists beach. As the name suggests it is used by persons who like bathing as they were born. Although nudism is officially not allowed in Cyprus, this is a beach where you can safely swim nude, without the fear of the police reporting you and getting a fine.

Other beaches to visit near Pissouri

If the nice beach at Pissouri Bay is not enough, there are other beaches relatively close to the village to enjoy your bath. Towards Limassol, you can swim at the beaches of Paramali village, about 4-5km away, and at the very long beach at the Kourion Archaeological site, which is about 15km away. Towards Paphos, you can enjoy your bath at Petra tou Romiou, Aphrodite’s Birthplace. At about 5km from Pissouri, it is a  fantastic area to visit, but the beach is with pebbles, relatively deep, and sometimes rough. So, as a beach, it is just fair I would say. As are just average all the other beaches I mention here.

Pissouri Bay beach is, in my opinion, the best option for swimming in this area. It is a nice beach, with big pieces of sand, and very clean. It is also relatively calm because of the two arms that form Pissouri Bay, with all the necessary amenities and a lot of watersports to choose from. There are also restaurants to eat close to the beach.

To swim in other very good sandy beaches, visit one of the beaches on Limassol seafront, or at Kato Paphos.


Things to do in Pissouri

Take a day or two to explore the Old Village and the bay area. See the points of interest, and even go to the winery at Pissouri Bay for wine tasting.

Visit the village’s central square and the small, picturesque alleys.

Visit beautiful, interesting chapels near the village, and walk the nature trails around the village.

Taste local cuisine at the restaurants and tavernas in Old Village’s central square and at the Bay beach.

Enjoy your bath and water sports at Pissouri Bay beach

Explore nearby attractions and beautiful places, from Limassol to the east, until Paphos to the west.

For a complete list of things to do in Pissouri, including suggestions for day trips from Pissouri, please read this dedicated article.


Pissouri weather

Pissouri village 7 days weather forecast


Weather in Pissouri Village and Pissouri Bay

Although just a few kilometers apart, there is a difference between the weather at Pissouri Old Village and Pissouri Bay. The main reasons for this are the proximity to the sea (the old village is about 2 km inland, the bay obviously is on the seashore), and the difference in altitude, as the village lies on a hill.

These result to making the weather in the village with less humidity, especially during the night. Also, from early in the evening there is usually a light breeze at the old village, which brings fresh air and a feeling of coolness. These are for the summer, but please do not expect dramatic differences in the climate. What I am saying is that in the old village, because it is not right next to the sea and it is on an elevated position, the weather during the summer at night is a bit cooler. There is less humidity and a nice, cool breeze during the nights, which makes them more pleasant in the old village.

Other than that, the weather is, like everywhere in Cyprus, hot and dry in the summer, with mild winters which usually last 3-4 months, from mid-November until the end of March.


Where is Pissouri located in Cyprus

Pissouri is located about half the way between Limassol and Paphos. Although relatively isolated, the highway connecting Limassol and Paphos offers easy access to many other attractions and places to visit. This way you can enjoy the serenity Pissouri offers as a small place with easy access to Limassol and Paphos, and many other attractions and interesting places.

It is relatively isolated as there are no other villages nearby. But the highway connecting Limassol with Paphos passes just outside the village and makes it very easy to visit both Paphos and Limassol, and 2-3 other nearby interesting villages and places.

As I mentioned above, Pissouri old village and Pissouri Bay are about 3-4 km apart. At Pissouri Bay is concentrated most of the holiday accommodation. Hotels, hotel apartments, and villas, there is accommodation for every desire. The old village is the place where the locals live. There are a few holiday accommodations, but not as many as at the bay. For dining out, there are many restaurants in the central square of the village. If you prefer to stay at the bay, there are all kinds of amenities, and the sea is a few meters away. There are also restaurants and the likes, but if you stay in a self-catering apartment you will have to go to the old village for your supplies. And for this, you will need transportation.

So, where is better to stay? In the old village or in the bay area?

Do you prefer better weather and less humidity during the night, with many amenities like a supermarket close to you? Do you like, as an experience, to interact with the locals? Then go for the old village.

Or, maybe, you prefer to stay in a nice hotel, a holiday villa, or a holiday apartment, with the sea just a few steps away? Then go for the Pissouri Bay area. I leave you to answer this dilemma, as a pleasant problem to solve.



Useful facts about Pissouri

Emergency telephone numbers for Pissouri

Forest Fires telephone 1407                  

Emergency Number for Police, Fire, or Ambulance 112        

Local Police Station, telephone (+357) 25 22 26 11

Local authorities (Pissouri Community Council) telephone (+357) 25 22 22 92        


There are two medical centers in Pissouri

Pissouri Polimedical Center, telephone +357 25 22 27 27

Pissouri Royal Medical Centre, telephone +357 25 22 22 44. There are doctor and ambulance service available on call 24h a day, every day (24/7).

Both are more like doctor’s offices, and an infirmary. They are good for an examination, emergencies, and first aid, and needless but if it is necessary, they take you to a hospital either in Limassol or in Paphos.


Pharmacy: Kyriacos pharmacy, telephone 25 22 28 00. Located on the main road of Pissouri old village, close to Papantoniou Supermarket.

In the same area and on the same road you can also find Papantoniou Supermarket for your everyday shopping, and gas stations, useful if you hire a car, a buggy, ATV, or similar.


A veterinary doctor is also available in the village.

Dr. John Pieroua Veterinary Clinic is located in the nearby village of Avdimou. Telephone number +357 99 58 91 69.


Bus connections from/to Pissouri village

There are bus connections between both Pissouri Old Village and Pissouri Bay, from Paphos and Limassol. You can use them to visit either of the two cities, in an easy and cheap way. The connections take place three times a day, every day of the week. For details and timetables, please look at the websites of the bus companies: For Paphos Buses www.pafosbuses.com and for Limassol Buses www.limassolbuses.com


Pissouri map

With beaches, attractions, and nearby places to visit.

Also, Pissouri map with a selection of hotels, apartments, and villas.



A brief history of Pissouri

The village of Pissouri has a history of hundreds of years. The plains around the village are very fertile, and the village is well known for its agricultural produce, mainly grapes, for a very long time. The grapes variety of soultanina is mainly cultivated. It is an edible variety and not a variety for wine making. The village is also known for its halloumi cheese, known as “Pissourkotiko”, which means made in Pissouri.

The name of the village is interesting too. According to one tradition, this comes from the word "pissouri", which in the Cypriot dialect means a very dark night.

Another explanation says that the name came from the tar which was produced for many years in Pissouri from pine trees. The Greek word for tar is “pissa”, hence the name.



Pissouri photos and videos



Frequently asked questions about Pissouri

What is Pissouri like?

Pissouri is a beautiful small traditional village, divided into the Old Village and Pissouri Bay. It is a popular resort mainly among families, young couples, and single travelers, who like exploring the wider area of Pissouri during the day, while enjoying the tavernas and bars in the central square of the old village and in the bay, during the nights.

Where is Pissouri in Cyprus?

Pissouri location is on the south shore of Cyprus, near the sea. Administratively it belongs to Limassol district, but its location is half the way between Limassol and Paphos, making access to both cities very easy. It is less than 30 minutes drive to both directions.

What is the nearest airport to Pissouri?

The nearest airport to Pissouri is Paphos Airport. It is only 25km from Pissouri and there are many flights from many European countries to Paphos airport, including the UK, Germany, etc.

The second international airport of Cyprus, Larnaca airport, is about 100km, one hour and 15 minutes drive from Pissouri, again not very far away, in case the flights to Paphos airport do not suit you.


For whom are the holidays in Pissouri?

Holidays to Pissouri are for those looking for holidays in a relaxed and safe environment. There are not many options for nightlife in Pissouri, other than restaurants and tavernas, and a few bars in the old village and the bay. It is not a party place, but a place to relax and enjoy with your family or company. If you like to explore during the day, there are many attractions easily accessible from Pissouri, while at the bay you can enjoy the sea and water sports, and then enjoy in the night a good meal with your family and friends.


Is Pissouri safe? Is Pissouri good for families?

Pissouri is a very safe place and suitable for families with kids.



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