Holidays to Protaras Cyprus

Protaras Cyprus beachfrontProtaras has transformed from a small village a few years ago, to one of the top tourist resorts in Cyprus and the Mediterranean Sea. Wonderful hotels, many very good restaurants, bars, and, of course, some of the best beaches not only in Cyprus but internationally, are what make Protaras unique and such a popular holiday resort. Holidays to Protaras are for those who appreciate this unique blend of top-notch infrastructure, fantastic beaches and nice but not over-exaggerated nightlife.

Protaras is a tourist resort in the Famagusta district. Administrative, it belongs to Paralimni Municipality. It is about 10 km away from the other very popular resort of this part of Cyprus, Ayia Napa.

Protaras and Ayia Napa share a similar story, expanding from little villages to very well-known tourist resorts, but other than that there are many differences between them. While Protaras maintains a more serene and quieter character, Ayia Napa attracts those who like to spend their holidays partying all night long and visiting many clubs for drinking and dancing. To be fair with the Ayia Napa holiday resort, they try to change this fame, but not very successfully so far.

This difference makes Protaras more suitable for families and those seeking live but not crazy holidays. For these reasons, like many tourists, locals in their vast majority prefer Protaras over Ayia Napa for their holidays.

So Protaras holidays are for those looking for a top tourist resort, with excellent facilities of all types, fantastic beaches for swimming, and live but not off-limits nightlife. Among the many fantastic sandy beaches of Protaras, the Fig Tree Bay beach is the most well-known. Protaras is also known as a very good diving destination.

Protaras is one of the most popular diving destinations with some of the best diving sites of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Many visitors take the opportunity to take diving lessons in the crystal clear waters, while more experienced divers have many different options to choose for their diving adventures.

With a very short history, Protaras does not have many attractions to show. Among the attractions are the numerous small beautiful churches and chapels which can be found everywhere. Other attractions of the Protaras resort area include the Ocean Aquarium of Protaras and the old windmills, which were used to pump water out of the wells for the irrigation of the farms in the area.