Restaurants in Cyprus

A list of good Cyprus restaurants


Cypriot cuisine - Cyprus mezeFood is a very important part of the Cyprus tradition. The traditional Cypriot cuisine is a mixture of Greek cuisine, with influences of the Middle East. There are, of course, and many dishes unique in Cyprus cuisine. 

Cypriot cuisine is generally served at special restaurants, called taverna. With millions of visitors coming to Cyprus every year, there are restaurants of every type to satisfy every desire. Cypriot cuisine, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, French, Japanese, International cuisine, you name it and you will find it, there are restaurants to satisfy every taste and every desire.


Unfortunately, like everywhere with lots of tourists, there are restaurants that do not focus on quality, but rather on easy profit. In this section, we shall try to guide you in the near future to those restaurants who appreciate and respect their customers and try to offer the best possible quality at reasonable prices. So stay in touch!