Find cheap flights to Cyprus

The popularity of Cyprus as a top tourist destination makes many airlines to include Cyprus in their routes. So when it comes to finding a cheap flight to Cyprus chances are that you will be able to find a good deal.


Flights from Larnaca Airport

Larnaca Airport is the main and busiest airport in Cyprus. Use our search engine below to find prices for your flight to Cyprus.


Flights from Paphos Airport

Paphos Airport is smaller than Larnaca Airport but still connects dozens of European destinations with the island. Use our search engine to find your deal for a cheap flight to Cyprus.


Airport transfers

If you are looking for a transfer from Larnaca Airport or for a transfer from Paphos Airport, then see general information on the relevant web pages. Fill out the form on the web pages for a quotation that will be for sure a secure transfer and a good price.


Airport car hire

Use our search engines for the best deal on car hire from any of the Cyprus airports.