Weddings in Cyprus. Your guide to get married in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the top wedding destinations in Europe and the world. Thousands of couples visit Cyprus and get married every year and almost all of them feel more than happy for chosing Cyprus for their wedding. 

 Panagia Chrysopolitissa church 120


• General information about Cyprus weddings
• Where to start in order to make arrangements for your marriage in Cyprus
• Legal requirements and weddings legal issues
• Cyprus wedding planners – explain why hiring a wedding planner is a good decision
• Three types of weddings:
i. Religious weddings – link to the article with wedding churches and chapels
ii. Civil weddings – link to the articles about civil weddings and venues to get married
iii. Civil weddings with blessings – write about hotels that have chapels and can combine both civil wedding and blessings
• Cost of a wedding in Cyprus compared to the UK
• Weddings locations
i. Municipalities for civil weddings
ii. Special places with license, like Petra tou Romiou
iii. Church Weddings
iv. Other places, like hotels
v. Beach Weddings
vi. Lemba Vrysi – Lempa bridge for weddings

• FAQ’s, like are Cyprus weddings recognised in the UK?

• A questionnaire / check list for getting married abroad. 10 or 15 most important things you must have in mind when getting married abroad – tell again why a wedding planner is a good idea because she / he undertakes to do the hard work, plus their knowledge and their experience by having done hundreds of weddings


MY SELLING POINT: we are not experts in weddings, for this we shall bring you in touch with 4-5 experts in the field.
What we can do for you, is to offer you accommodation at very competitive prices.
* Maybe think 2-3 other services (like activities in Cyprus after your wedding) to propose or offer.