How to use Cyprus Holidays Guide

In our holidays guide, there are sections for every region of Cyprus. For your ease of use each of these sections follows the same style, so if you make yourself familiar with just one of the Cyprus regions, then you will easily understand and navigate any of the sections.

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Sections for Cyprus regions

Cyprus is divided into five main regions. There are Nicosia region, Limassol region, Larnaca region, Ammochostos region(including Agia Napa and Protaras, who are presented separately) and Paphos region.
Polis Chrysochous area and Pyrgos Tillirias area although belong to Paphos region, are considered and presented as separate regions. Also Troodos mountains, although part of Paphos and Limassol, are also considered and presented as a separate region.
One last thing. Unfortunately, since 1974, Turkey invated into Cyprus and occupies a very large part of Cyprus. For obvious reasons we do not include in our guide these occupied areas. But we look forward at the day when the Cyprus issue will be resolved and it will be our great pleasure to include these areas (most of Ammochostos, Kyrenia, Morphou, Mesaoria and Karpasia) in our guide.

Cyprus regions

For each region we try to include a very detailed guide with attractions and interesting places. But we try and go 2-3 steps further down the road. We don't just give information like an encyclopedia, but we also include information you can actually use, such as what else you can see near an attraction, inside information and how to get there. 

General pages about Cyprus

On Home page, in addition to the links to the regions of Cyprus, there are pages with general information such as about the country of Cyprus, its people and sociaty, short history etc. There are also pages with a lot of information on topics like the weather of Cyprus, the international airports of Cyprus and so on.