Paphos International Airport

Paphos International Airport is the second (and smaller) of the two international commercial airports of Cyprus. It is located near the villages of Timi and Anarita, about 7 km southeast of Paphos town.

Paphos International Airport The airport took a total renovation (finished in 2008) and, like Larnaca airport, is an excellent airport in all aspects. It mainly connects Cyprus with many European and Russian destinations.

Although it accepts flights from fewer airlines than Larnaca airport, it does have its strong points, mainly because Ryanair uses it as its base in Cyprus. This way, Paphos airport connects flights to Cyprus directly with cities and countries in Europe that do not connect with Larnaca. Such examples are Bristol, Nottingham, Edinburgh, and Glasgow in the UK, or Brussels, Bologna, and Girona elsewhere in Europe. Of course, these flights change frequently, so please check out for up-to-date information regarding flights to Paphos airport.

Useful information and frequently asked questions about Paphos Airport

Where is Paphos Airport located

Paphos airport is located southeast of the city of Paphos. It is about 7km away and access to the airport is very easy. Just take the highway connecting Paphos with Limassol and follow the signs. The airport is about 15 minutes drive from the Kato Paphos tourist area.


Contact details of Paphos International Airport

Telephone: +357 25 12 30 22 (from abroad),77 77 88 33 from Cyprus. These numbers are good for both Paphos and Larnaca airports, as they are run by the same company.


How can I go to Paphos Airport?

There are dense bus connections from both Paphos and Kato Paphos to the airport. There are also two more ways to go to the airport: One, hire a taxi. More expensive than using the bus, but a lot easier. The taxi takes you from the place you stay in Paphos and takes you directly to the airport. Easy and fast. It is also convenient if your flight is in the early hours when there is no bus connection to the airport.
Two, if you hire a car you can arrange to deliver it to the airport, which makes it the easiest way to go to the airport.

Of course, the same applies when arriving in Cyprus. You can take the bus, a taxi, or car hire.