Things to do in Paphos Cyprus

Discover why Paphos is worth visiting. Attractions and places to visit, activities and events to enjoy during your holidays. Do these things for a first good glimpse into what Paphos is.

Visiting Paphos having in mind just to enjoy a very good hotel, the sea, and the sun, limits your options for good. Paphos is so much more than just sea and sun. History and tradition, culture and gastronomy, nature, attractions, and activities, offer many opportunities for exploration and fun.


Ancient Odeon Kato Paphos

Hallmarks of Paphos – why is Paphos worth visiting

Despite its small size Paphos offers a full package to its visitors. Friendly people, thousands of years of history, ancient monuments, wonderful beaches and nature, natural attractions, interesting places, traditional villages to visit and explore, attractions and activities for kids, young and not so young, cultural events, gastronomy. These are the trademarks of Paphos that established it as a top tourist destination.

Most of the people who visit Paphos fall in love with it. Many of them make Paphos something like their second home, where they return year after year.

So, why is Paphos worth visiting? It is not just because there are so many things to see and do. It is mainly because Paphos represents a unique way of life, carved through thousands of years of history and civilization, its unique people who welcome visitors wholeheartedly, and its diverse terrain and nature. This combination of friendly, polite, and easy-going people, together with the opportunities to do and enjoy so many things, are the reasons why thousands of visitors keep coming back to Paphos again and again.



Paphos town 7 days weather forecast  


Things to do in Paphos with family

Spend quality time with Family and Friends. Visit the attractions of Paphos and make wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Visit the Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark and have fun sliding the various sliders or relaxing in the lazy river.

Visit Paphos Zoo

 At Paphos Zoo see more than 350 species, interact with animals, and even watch a parrots show, fantastic for everybody but especially for the youngsters. You can take the free bus from Kato Paphos to visit it.


Coral Bay Cyprus beachGo swimming at the sandy beaches of Paphos

Of course, visit the beaches of Paphos. With the Mediterranean Sea surrounding you and many fantastic beaches around the Paphos region, swimming must be one of your everyday activities during your holidays.

Sandy beaches can be found around Paphos.
At Kato Paphos, they are small yet easily accessible and most of them are awarded the Blue Flag badge.
Coral Bay is the most famous beach. A fantastic organized sandy beach but is usually crowded in the summer.
Polis area offers a few fantastic beaches as well. And while at sea, enjoy a favorite watersport, or discover a new one. Snorkeling, diving, boat trips, and many other options await you to enjoy.

Sea cruises are also very popular. The top two cruises are visiting Akamas and the Blue Lagoon from Latchi fishing port in Polis and popping around for half a day of fun on a boat from Kato Paphos.


Go out at night, enjoy Paphos nightlife, and have fun

Paphos nightlife is nice but not too noisy. The selection is almost endless and there is something for everybody. There are many very good places to enjoy even in the middle of Kato Paphos. Many hotels have very good restaurants and bars with live music, and you can visit them even if you stay at another hotel.

Taste Cyprus cuisine

Cyprus cuisine is a mixture of Greek cuisine with influences from the Middle East. There are many restaurants and cafeterias and bars to chill out and have a good time.

When it comes to tavernas, I suggest visiting tavernas in Paphos Old Town and in the villages around Paphos. The villages Kathikas, Letymbou, Choulou, and Tala, among many others, are well known for their very good restaurants and tavernas.

Visit the nature of Paphos

Finally, do not leave back the many natural attractions. Seashore or mountains, beach or forest, there are many fantastic places to visit around Paphos.


Things to do in Paphos Old Town - Explore Paphos Old Town

Paphos Old Town is about 2 kilometers inland from Kato Paphos. There are bus connections every 15-20 minutes, so it is very easy to visit it.

Things to do in Paphos Old Town during the day. Visits to the museums, walking around and admiring beautiful old buildings and street art, and visit to the old market with the traditional products, the craftsmen, and traditional coffee shops are activities worth doing. On the edge of the hill where the old town is built, there are many places to eat or drink a refreshment, with fantastic views of Kato Paphos and the Mediterranean Sea.

Things to do in Paphos Old Town during the night. Nightlife in the old town, which is also known as Ktima, is beautiful and suitable for everybody who likes quality entertainment. In the evening there are many nice places to eat or for bar hopping, in the central square of Paphos and the old market. Many of them have live music, which varies from place to place, from Greek to international. It is the favorite place for hanging out for many locals, especially the younger ones, like students and young couples and families. Highly recommended.


Paphos Mosaics House of Dionysos Discover the thousands of years old history of Paphos - Visit Paphos archaeological sites

First signs of civilization in Paphos date back to 10000 years BC. Visit a few (or all) of the ancient monuments of Paphos and discover and learn about its long history.

At Paphos Old Town visit the Archaeological Museum of Paphos and the Ethnographic Museum of Paphos. Both are very interesting and house wonderful collections. Most ancient exhibits in Paphos Museum date back to ten thousand years BC!

Visit Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire some of the best mosaics of the ancient world with representations from Greek Mythology. At the Tombs of the Kings, also in Kato Paphos, admire wonderful tombs carved in solid rock.

At Lemba village and Kissonerga village, visit the ancient settlements from the Chalcolithic era. They are among the first signs of civilization in the area of Paphos, thousands of years Before Christ.

Paphos was the first place on Earth to accept Christianity. This means that there are many religious monuments to visit. Visit the Agios Neophytos Monastery and Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery, each one of them more than a thousand years old.

In the little town of Geroskipou visit at the town’s central square the ancient church of Agia Paraskevi with its wonderful frescoes and the Byzantine Museum of Paphos where you can admire, among others, very old religious icons. Near the square, you can also visit the Ethnographic Museum with exhibits from the previous 2-3 centuries. It is a glimpse into how people used to live in Cyprus and Paphos in particular, during that period. It is State run, so the entrance is free.


Paphos and Aphrodite

Yes, they are connected! According to the myth, Aphrodite, the ancient Goddess of Beauty and Love, was born in Paphos, coming out of the sea at the wonderful area of Aphrodite’s Rock. But this is not the only connection between Paphos and Aphrodite.

In the nearby village of Kouklia, which was the ancient capital of Paphos known as Palaipaphos, visit the Temple of Aphrodite. One of the oldest shrines of Aphrodite, it was famous all over the ancient world, and many used to visit it during celebrations.

Near Tala village, visit Adonis’ baths, a beautiful area with a small waterfall, where the myth says Adonis, the eternal lover of Aphrodite, used to take his bath.

And even further to the north, outside Polis Chrysochous and at the boundaries of Akamas peninsula, visit Aphrodite’s Baths, a wonderful little pond in a very beautiful area, where the Goddess used to take her bath. And now you know why so many come and get married in Paphos!


Paphos and Saint Paul the Apostle

The connection to Aphrodite is not the only notable connection of Paphos. Did you know the Saint Paul, after leaving Israel, first came to Paphos to preach Christianity? And, at first, he wasn’t welcomed by the Romans, who were ruling at that time Paphos and Cyprus. He received 39 lashes (forty but one, Σαράντα παρά μία – saranta para mia in Greek) as a punishment. Visit the place, at the ancient site of Chrysopolitissa Basilica and Agia Kyriaki church. Chrysopolitissa Basilica is one of the oldest churches in the world, dating back to 300 to 400 AD.

At the site, you can also see Saint Paul’s pillar where he was tied to receive 39 lashes as a punishment, according to the tradition. While visiting, just remember that you do walk in the same place where Saint Paul has been and preached, about two thousand years ago, and this is officially and historically confirmed. So, walk in the footsteps of Saint Paul and read the full story here.


Paphos nature

The diverse terrain of Paphos creates unique natural attractions. Just to mention the top three of them:

Akamas peninsula national park

The biggest national park of Cyprus houses very beautiful sandy beaches where turtles lay their eggs, and many unique species of flora and fauna only found here in the world. Finally, the Avakas Gorge is a place to explore and walk.


Paphos beaches

There are a lot of very good beaches around Paphos. Visit and enjoy them.

Paphos forest

The central and northern part of Paphos is mountainous and forested. Stavros tis Psokas is a good place to visit if you like the forest in addition to the beach.


Events, festivals, and celebrations in Paphos

Throughout the year there are many festivals and events to attend.

Four of the celebrations you should watch if you are in Paphos during the period are: Anthestiria, a celebration with flowers for the coming of spring, the Paphos Carnival, Kataklysmos (Epiphany Day), and the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations,

There are also many festivals in Paphos, mainly during the summer. Pafia, an annual cultural event with theatrical performances and concerts from famous singers and music bands among others, is a festival to watch. Many villages have their annual festivals in the summer, and many of them deserve to visit.

Paphos Marathon is an annual athletic event with thousands of people from Cyprus and abroad attending each year. If you are into sports, there are many distances (not just the Marathon) to run, and you will get a diploma for participating. There is even a Fun Wine Run! You just register at the area of Paphos Castle before the run, or online.



Go for wine tasting

Wine-making dates back to ancient times in Paphos and Cyprus. Visit a few of the wineries of Paphos for wine tasting or go with a group for a trip of wine tasting around Paphos.


Do shopping therapy!

Visit Paphos Mall, a modern shopping mall at Kato Paphos, with many shops to visit and shop. There are many local and international brands for your shopping.

For a different type of shopping, visit the market at Paphos old town. Here you can buy souvenirs, hand-made artifacts, and traditional products.


Two special categories of things to do in Paphos.

Geroskipou Municipal beach, Kato PaphosThings to do in Paphos with kids – What to do in Paphos for families

Ideas when you are in Paphos with kids: Visit water parks (either Paphos Aphrodite Water Park or one of the water parks at the hotels), or visit the beach and do some water sports. Visit Paphos Zoo, or a donkey's farm/sanctuary and ride and play with these nice and noble animals.

Play mini golf and foot mini golf and visit ancient sites and museums.

At Kato Paphos walk the promenade late in the afternoon. Taste corn baked on the charcoals, you will see many persons preparing them at the parking place opposite the promenade. It is traditional, healthy, and very tasty.

On the promenade have fun enjoying an ice cream, while watching musicians performing and artists drawing portraits. Buy small, hand-made jewelry or other things from the stalls in the flea market that takes place every evening on the promenade. Really nice and fun for the whole family.

In a similar way, there are many happenings (folk dances, short music concerts, and others) every Saturday and Sunday morning, either at the small square at Paphos Municipal Beach (i.e. Ta Mpania) or at the harbour in Kato Paphos. Find out what happens when and attend, you will all enjoy it.

Go for pottery lessons and take home the potteries you created with your hands. At the market of Paphos Old Town watch craftsmen as they create hand-made artifacts, and how are made the traditional products of Paphos.


Free things to do in Paphos

There are many things to do and enjoy in Paphos for free. Just to name a few:

  • Visit the archaeological sites of Kato Paphos with free entrance. The three most significant, in my opinion, are;
    The site of Chrysopolitissa Basilica is one of the most ancient churches in the world. The Agia Kyriaki church and Saint Paul’s pillar are on the same site.
    The Catacomb of Agia Solomoni is a small ancient site within walking distance from Chrysopolitissa Basilica.
    Also within walking distance is the third archeological site, Havrikas Hill. Here you can admire enormous caves built out of solid rock and ancient excavations on the top of the hill. From there you have also wonderful views of Kato Paphos harbor, because of the elevated position.

  • In general, the entrance to all the archaeological sites in Paphos and in Cyprus is free for persons 65 and above. You will need official proof of age, like an ID or a passport.

  • Visit Paphos Old Town, stroll the market, and watch local craftsmen while they create their artifacts. Visit Paphos Archaeological Museum and Paphos Municipality Art Gallery with free entrance. Attend the free Local Guided Tour “Meet the Locals” around Paphos.

  • Visit centuries-old religious monuments, like thousand years old monasteries and ancient churches.

  • Have fun in nature. Visit any organized beach and enjoy swimming. Visit Aphrodite’s Birthplace, the Akamas National Park and the turtles' conservation station, or the Forest Station at Stavros tis Psokas, and walk one or more of the many nature trails. All for free.

  • Participate at events like Carnival, Anthestiria (flowers celebration for the coming of spring), Kataklysmos (celebrations of Epiphany Day), the Orthodox Easter.

  • Find out free music concerts and theater performances and enjoy them. For the latter, check out what is happening at the Paphos Harbour or at the small square near Paphos Municipal beach every Saturday and Sunday morning. Many free events, including folk music and dances, short classic music concerts, and other similar artistic events take place.

Read here the full article with free things to do in Paphos.



Ten things you must do when in Paphos

(do these for a good first contact with Paphos region and its people)

Exploring Paphos in just one visit is almost impossible. For such a small place, Paphos offers so many opportunities for attractions to see and activities to do, that one single visit is not enough to see and do everything. People visit Paphos for many different reasons, exactly because of the many diverse offerings it has. Almost everybody, however, leaves with something in common: the sweet memories of their holidays and the promise to themselves to come back again.

So what are the things to do in Paphos, to say that you have a good first impression? The list to choose from is too long, and hard to decide what to include and what to leave behind. In my opinion, these are the landmarks to visit:

  • Walk the waterfront of Kato Paphos, from Paphos Municipal Beach (Ta Mpania), until the fishing port. Known as the Promenade, it is the place where the locals use to go to walk by the sea. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays, late in the afternoon or early in the night, it is like a gathering, and everybody enjoys it. During the summer there are many happenings on the promenade in the evenings, worth visiting.

  • At the fishing harbor visit Paphos castle and Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paphos counts ten thousand years of history and visiting the Archaeological Park is a good starting point to take a glimpse into it.

  • Paphos was the first place on Earth to accept Christianity. Paphos was the first place where Saint Paul preached when he left Israel. Walk in the footsteps of Saint Paul. visit Chrysopolitissa Basilica and Saint Paul's pillar, walking in the footsteps of the Saint. Also, visit Agios Neophytos Monastery and Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery. Each of these Monasteries is nearly 1000 years old and a visit to them is not just religious, but something you will really enjoy.

  • Visit Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite's birthplace) and the ancient Temple dedicated to the Goddess of Love and Beauty at the nearby Kouklia village. Paphos is connected to Aphrodite, as according to the ancient myth she was born here and was worshiped at her temple in Kouklia village, the ancient Palaipahos, the first capital of Cyprus.

  • Visit the beaches of Paphos and enjoy water sports. Mediterranean Sea surrounds you from every side, you should enjoy it, and Paphos offers some very good sandy beaches to do so.

  • Explore Paphos Old Town, its central square, the Archaeological Museum, and the market.

  • Visit Polis area. Explore the small Polis town and the villages around it. Visit Loutra tis Afroditis, Aphrodite's Baths, where according to the old story the Goddess used to take her bath and take a day boat trip to Blue Lagoon.
  • Visit the Akamas Peninsula National Park.

  • Taste Cyprus cuisine at the tavernas in the villages around Paphos and in the Old Town.

  • Buy traditional products like Loukoumia Geroskipous, soutzioukkos, Commandaria, and zivania. They are delicious to taste and fantastic as presents for family and friends back home.


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Petra tou Romiou, Aphrodite's Birthplace

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Paphos Byzantine Museum

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Paphos Zoo

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Paphos Aphrodite waterpark

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Tombs of the Kings
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Agrina at Stavros tis Psokas

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Kato Paphos promenade

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Central Square at Paphos Old Town


5 half day trips and excursions from Kato Paphos

Here we try not just to write down a list of attractions, activities, and interesting places that Paphos offers to visitors, but also to make that extra effort to propose to you through our articles ideas for excursions and activities and inside information that we hope will make your holidays more pleasing and your holidays programming easier.


5 half-day trips and excursions from Kato Paphos. Each one of them combines visits to at least three attractions.

You can do these trips by bus, but it is easier if you hire a car. There are buses connecting Kato Paphos or Paphos Old Town for the five trips below, but some of our proposals do require car hire.  So ideally, I assume that you will hire a car. If not, it is very difficult to do everything because of the delay of the buses, stopping at each place and then catching the next bus to continue your trip. Just go to the main attractions without stopping everywhere if you use the bus. For example, for the trip to Aphrodite's Rock, just stop at Kouklia village and then at Petra tou Romiou. 


Day trip from Kato Paphos to Coral Bay

There are two routes for this visit (from Tombs of the Kings Avenue and from inside through the villages of Chlorakas, Lemba, and Kissonerga). The timetable for these routes is very dense and this is a trip with very easy access.

On your way stop at Lemba village. Lemba is known for pottery making, the Art School, and its ancient, reconstructed paleolithic site;

(Better with car hire) At Potima Bay, make a detour and visit the Botanic Gardens at Mavrokolympos Dam. It only takes ten minutes from the main road to go there, and it really deserves it.

At Coral Bay swim at any of the two fine beaches of the area and enjoy water sports. For Coral Bay beach, the most popular of the two beaches, ask the bus driver where to jump off. For Laourou beach, stay until the end of the bus route, you will see the beach in front of you.

For lunch or dinner go to the Coral Bay strip. It is the main road going through Coral Bay and there are many places to eat.

Visit Paphos Zoo. Take the free bus from Kato Paphos and visit the zoo.

If you have a car, visit the EDRO shipwreck, the Sea Caves, and Agios Georgios Pegeias.

(Only with car hire) From Agios Georgios you can easily visit the Akamas National Park. But then it will be a full-day excursion. To keep it as a half-day trip, just go straight to visit the Akamas National Park without stopping at Coral Bay or visiting the Zoo. And even so, you can decide if you will keep it a short or a long, all-day trip.


Visit Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock)

Take the bus from Kato Paphos, and first stop at Geroskipou on the way to Aphrodite’s Birthplace. At Geroskipou central square visit The Byzantine Museum and the ancient church of Agia Paraskevi. Buy Geroskipou delights at the square.

Continue to Kouklia village, and visit the Temple of Aphrodite and the local museum. At Kouklia there are a few very nice tavernas, if the time is good for lunch or dinner take advantage of them.

From Kouklia visit Aphrodite’s Rock beach. Do so by taking the next bus passing. Enjoy the wonderful area, and swim in the waters where Aphrodite was born.

(Only with car hire). From here continue to Pissouri village. In the village buy local products. At Pissouri bay bath or eat, as there are some very good restaurants here too.

(Only with car hire). On the way to Pissouri, you will see traffic signs to the village of Anogyra, a real hidden gem. Anogyra is famous for its local produce, pastelli (made from carobs), and organic olive. Visiting Anogyra can be a full, separate day trip.
To keep it short, visit the Carob Museum and Factory to learn about pastelli and teratsomelo, and taste and buy these delicious, natural local products. Then visit the Oleastro Olive Park and Museum. Watch how top-quality organic olive oil is produced. Between October and January, you can take place in activities like olive picking and watch the making of oil. Both places are very interesting, and you will remember them with nostalgia once you go back home. And if you are with kids, they will adore the two places!

There are two golf courses near Petra tou Romiou, which you can visit. You will need a car for this visit, either to play golf or to wander around. You can also eat at the golf clubs (nice food, international cuisine, but expensive as you might guess).


Visit Agios Neophytos Monastery – a half-day trip

Visit the Monastery of the local Saint, which is about 1000 years old. At the monastery see the Recluse with the wonderful frescoes of the Saint, and the church of the monastery with the saint’s remains,

At the free car parking, just outside of the monastery, buy traditional products and enjoy a coffee at the peaceful coffee shop, surrounded by trees.

Close to the monastery (five minutes walk) visit the cat sanctuary which hosts more than 1000 cats.

On your way back, if you go from the road through Mesoyi village, stop by at Fikardos winery for wine tasting. If you prefer the other road through Tala village, stop at the square, visit the icons collection at the church, and enjoy a drink or a meal at one of the beautiful restaurants with great views of the valley below and the Mediterranean Sea.


Visit Stavros tis Psokas, Panagia village, and Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery

This is a full-day trip and requires car hire.

Visit Stavros tis Psokas forest station, enjoy the forest, walk the nature trails, and see agrina.

Visit the village of Panagia. Enjoy a coffee at the square of the village and visit the museum of Makarios. It is the family house of Makarios, where he was born. Makarios was the first president of Cyprus after its independence.

Continue to the Monastery of Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa, 2-3 km after Panagia village. Visit the monastery, enjoy a coffee at the coffee shop outside it, and buy wine from the monastery’s winery. (There is a small shop inside the Monastery where you can buy their wines).

There are 2-3 more wineries in the area for wine tasting.

Continue to Statos Agios Photios village, and buy traditional products. The village is famous for its production of traditional products.


Day trip – visit Polis Chrysochous

As I propose it, this is a full-day excursion. To keep it as a half-day trip, just return from the same way, and do not go through Kathikas village and Coral Bay on your return.

Go from the inland road, and cross Paphos from south to north.

At Polis visit the central square of the town for a coffee, and the very interesting Archaeological Museum with exhibits from the area, with a very rich history.

Continue to Latchi. Sunbath on the wonderful sandy beaches, and swim in the crystal clear waters. Enjoy fresh fish at the fish tavernas for which Latchi is famous.

From Latchi harbour take a sea cruise to Blue Lagoon.

From Latchi continue to Aphrodite’s Baths, according to the myth her favorite place, where the Goddess used to take her bath. There is a dense bus connection, the distance is about 20 minutes from Latchi.

On your return take the route through Kathikas village and Coral Bay. Doing so, this trip needs a whole day to complete.

At Kathikas visit a tavern and the Donkeys Sanctuary. Go for wine tasting at the two wineries in the village.

Continue to Coral Bay and explore the area. From Coral Bay going back to Kato Paphos is a 20-25 minutes drive.


Visit other areas of Cyprus from Paphos

Troodos mountains and Limassol are easy to visit from Paphos because of their proximity.

At Troodos mountains, you will discover a different Cyprus. Dense pine forests, small traditional villages, nature trails to walk, waterfalls to enjoy even in the summer, the Troodos Geopark, wine tasting, and ancient churches with wonderful frescoes, members of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are just a few of the things to do in Troodos.

Limassol, on the other hand, is a large cosmopolitan metropolis. Limassol people are known for their extrovert nature and their love for fun and entertainment. Discover and visit the ancient sites of Limassol, the Limassol Castle, the old town, the Marina, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars. Visit every day the seafront of Limassol, which is like a 10 km long continuous beach with cafeterias and beach bars virtually on the sea. The nightlife of Limassol is a reflection of its people’s fun-loving nature. Limassol is a great place to visit. 


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