Tombs of the Kings in Paphos Cyprus

Tombs of the Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a very beatiful ancient site, with many beautifully carved in the stone tombs. 

Tombs of the Kings Paphos CyprusTombs of the Kings is a large necropolis almost two and a half thousand years old, as it is dated back in the fourth century Before Christ. Despite its name, it was aristocrats and high officials that were buried here rather than kings. They took this name because of the magnificence of the tombs, which are entirely cut off the rock and although there are no kings here it is a monument well worth a visit.

Tombs of the Kings ticket prices - entrance fee

Entrance fee is set to 2,50 Euro per ticket per person, however there are special prices for groups and entry passes for more than one days. You may buy tickets at the entrance, for further information call at +357 26 30 65 92.


Entrance to this very interesting and beautiful archaeological site, (and all archaeological sites in Cyprus) is free for all persons over 65 and for all students, irrespective of their nationality. Persons over 65 must have an official ID confirming their age, and students must have their student card to show at the entrance. Without this ID, you will have to pay the 2,50 Euros entrance fee.

Archaeological site opening hours

(open every day, all year round)
November to March - 08:00 until 17:00
April, May, September and October - 08:00 until 18:00
June, July, August - 08:00 until 19:30


Location of Tombs of the Kings

This ancient site is located next and to the west of Kato Paphos archaeological site and covers a large area which is still excavated. Its entrance is on the road connecting Kato Paphos with Coral Bay which is named after the monument, Tombs of the Kings Road, and you will find it on your left hand side as you are heading towards Coral Bay.


Directions to the archaeological site

Located next to the Tombs of Kings avenue, which, of course, took its name from this ancient site, the place is easily accessible by bus or by car. If you stay in the area near the Tombs, you can easily visit it on foot as well.

By car, take the road connecting Kato Paphos with Coral Bay. From the round about at Paphos Mall, follow the road for about 2km, until you find the next round about. The entrance is just next to the street, and, from the round about, turn left where there is a big parking place to park, meters from the entrance.

By bus, take the bus connecting Kato Paphos with Coral Bay. It is about 2-3 kilometers away from Kato Paphos harbor, where the buses start, and there is a bus stop outside the Tombs for your convenience.

The tombs are carved in the solid rock of the area and are really impressive. Some of them are decorated with columns in ancient Greek style and with frescoes, while others are actually copies of the houses of the buried persons. In addition to the archaeological interest, this is also a very beautiful area, surrounded by trees and next to the sea, so you can actually enjoy wonderful sea views while exploring the site. If you visit the site around sunset time, you may also enjoy a wonderful sunset.

During the summer it is strongly advised to take with you water and hats, as you will need anything between one and three hours to explore the area, depending on how deep you are committed to go. The site pathways are rough at places as they are carved in the stone, so consider wearing comfortable shoes. The site is considered accessible to persons with disabilities, but only for viewing the tombs from above.