Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery Paphos Cyprus

Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery in Paphos CyprusThe monastery of Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa is dedicated to Mary. Panagia Chrysoroyiatissa translates into Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate. It is located on the mountains of Paphos, just outside the village of Panagia. The surrounding area is very beautiful and very green as this is the boundaries of Paphos forest.

Brief history of the monastery of Panagia Chrysoroyiatissa

The monastery was built in 1152, so it is almost 900 years old. According to the tradition, a monk called Ignatius had a vision that there was a painting of Holy Mary in the area. He searched and found the icon, and then built the monastery dedicated to Mary. Since then the buildings were destroyed many times. The current monastery and church dates back to 1770 and the surrounding buildings are from that era and newer.

Visiting the monastery

The monastery and the nearby village of Panagia, are about half the way between Paphos and Polis towns. It is at an alitute of about 800 meters. It is about 25 km from both Paphos and Polis and you need to hire a car to visit it. The roads are surfaced, in very good condition and there are clear signs all the way. There is an area where the road becomes curvy, nothing scaring but it is good to know to be careful.
It is worth visiting the monastery to admire the whole building, but especially the church where you can see a very beautiful, wood carved temple and some very beautiful icons, among them, of course, the icon of Panagia Chrysoroyiatissa. There is a small shop where you can buy religious items. You may also buy wines from the monastery’s winery. The wines are very good quality and there are packings for one or two bottles of wine, so one can carry them easily.
Just outside the monastery there is a café. It only offers coffee and refreshments, but it is very nice to sit there and enjoy your coffee or refreshment while enjoying the beautiful views and the serene of the area.

Chrysorrogiatissa winery

Next to the monastery is the monastery's winery. They use the grapes from their own vineyards and from other producers in the area for their wines. They produce both red and white wines. Their wines are of good guality, and you can buy them from the small shop into the monastery. They have special packages, so that you can carry them back home easily and safely.
There are also 3-4 other wineries in the area worth visiting, as they are open for wine tasting. It is advisable to arrange to visit them at the same time. On your way to the monastery, as you approach Panagia village, you will see on your right hand side the Vouni Panagia winery. The winery is located on an excellent area, overlooking the green valley below.They are open for wine tasting and they also have a restaurant where you can eat, enjoying the wonderful views. A good experience to have.