Monastery of Agia Moni – Moni ton Iereon (Monastery of the Priests)

Agia Moni monastery, also known as Moni ton Iereon (Monastery of the Priests) is one of the very early monasteries that were built in Cyprus. With its ups and downs, it has been operating for almost 1700 years, as it was built around 300 AD.


Agia Moni Monastery History of the Monastery

The monastery was founded by two local saints, Saint Nikolas and Saint Eftychios around 300 AD. It is believed that it was built on the foundations of an earlier, ancient Greek temple dedicated to the ancient Goddess Hera. A sacred relic that was given to Saint Nikolas, a piece of the Virgin Mary’s cloak, was kept at the monastery until 1754.

Since its foundation, the monastery survived through the centuries. It had a significant presence during the Byzantine period of Cyprus and then declined during the occupation of Cyprus by the Ottomans. Its buildings were built in different periods according to the needs of the monastery.

The church of the monastery is dedicated to Saint Nikolas, it is a relatively new church, built on the ruins of an earlier, 12th-century, Byzantine church.

In the last 40-50 years the monastery was renovated in an effort to regain its former glory, with the aid of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos, to which Agia Moni belongs.


Opening Hours


Location of the Monastery

The monastery is located between the villages of Panagia and Statos. Pass Panagia village, you find the Monastery of Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa, and after about 1000 meters you come across Agia Moni monastery, on the way to Statos village. It is about 40 km from Paphos and Kato Paphos, and you need a car to visit it.

Directions to Agia Moni monastery

The best way to visit the monastery is to take the road connecting Paphos and Polis Chrysochous. About 20 km from Paphos, approximately half the way to Polis, you will see signs to turn right (as you drive from Paphos), towards Polemi village. Follow this street and the road signs to Panagia village. The route is beautiful, through forested hills and mountains and nice small villages. The road is in good condition but curvy and almost continuously uphill, as you climb to an altitude of about 900 meters.


Other things to do in the area

There are beautiful villages to see on your way. Most attractions have to do with nature, like the water dam before the village of Panagia. At Panagia village, there is a good winery for wine tasting. On your way, you can also visit the Monastery of Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa, a beautiful 1000-year-old monastery, where you can also buy your wine from the monastery’s winery.

Driving after Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa monastery, you come across Agia Moni monastery. After visiting this second monastery, head towards Statos village. Statos is famous for its production of local traditional products and buying some of them is a good choice.