Paphos Cyprus

Kato Paphos harbour

Paphos region is the western part of Cyprus. Paphos old town and Kato Paphos, Coral Bay and Peyia, and Polis Chrysochous area are the three main tourist resorts of Paphos. There are, however, many other smaller but very nice and interesting places where you can stay for your holidays.

Paphos is located in the western part of Cyprus. It is the smallest of the main cities of Cyprus with a population of about forty-five thousand people.

Paphos town is divided into two distinctive areas. The Paphos old town, also known as the upper or main Paphos, is about 2 km inland. This is where the vast majority of the locals, and foreigners staying permanently in Cyprus, live.

Kato Paphos is the area next to the seafront, which is the main tourist area. Most of the hotels and other tourist accommodations are found here.


Why is Paphos worth visiting - Visiting Paphos region

Paphos is a small place with a great history and tradition, dating thousands of years back. It is also a very beautiful place, with many attractions to visit and things to do. So Paphos as a tourist destination offers a full package: excellent accommodations, ten thousand years of history and tradition, many beautiful villages to discover and explore in the forested mountains of the region, very good beaches, and restaurants.  There is even an international airport connecting Paphos with many destinations in Europe and the Middle East to easily visit it. All in all, a tourist destination to visit again and again, as many visitors do!


Events in Paphos

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Paphos weather

The weather in Paphos is Mediterranean. Long, hot summers and short winters, with most of the winter days sunny. In Paphos, you can expect more than 300 sunny days each year.

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Five questions about the Paphos region

What is Paphos region like?

What are the main tourist resorts of Paphos?
Paphos' main tourist resorts are Kato Paphos, Coral Bay, and Polis Chysochous. Please follow the links above to find out everything you will need for your holidays at these resorts.

Is there nightlife in Paphos?
Yes, Paphos offers nice nightlife, but not exuberant. In addition to the likes of bars and clubs and live music at restaurants, there are many events all year round to satisfy almost everybody.

What is there to do in Paphos?
There are many things to do in Paphos. Many beautiful and interesting places to visit, ancient monuments, museums, fantastic nature, and attractions like the Aphrodite Waterpark and Paphos Zoo, there is a vast selection of attractions and activities to choose from. Please read here our articles about things to do in Paphos.

Are there good beaches?
Yes, there are many good beaches in Paphos. Many of them are sandy and organized and are awarded as Blue Flag beaches. This means that they meet some very high standards, including clean waters, lifeguards, change facilities, and access to disabled people among others. Please read more about the best beaches in Paphos.