Kato Paphos maps

Map of Kato Paphos in English

A map of Kato Paphos showing the main roads and the main attractions of Kato Paphos. See where are the various attractions, activities and beaches of Kato Paphos. Download the large version of the map and print it.

Kato Paphos hotels map

A map with the locations of various Kato Paphos hotels, holiday villas and holiday apartments. Not all of them are included, as this is impossible due to the large number of accommodations in Kato Paphos. 

Map of Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Map of Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

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Directions to Kato Paphos

How to visit the Kato Paphos area by car. Where to park.

Kato Paphos buses

A short guide on how to use the public buses from Kato Paphos. Where they stop, where to go from Kato Paphos by bus. 


 Articles related to Kato Paphos

  • Kato Paphos beaches

    Kato Paphos beaches

    Kato Paphos beaches - where to swim in Kato Paphos area Many wonder where to swim in Kato Paphos. The answer is that there are a few very nice beaches in Kato Paphos tourist area, where you can swim. Most of them are small, yet very beautiful, sandy with clear waters and many amenities around...
  • Paphos Aphrodite waterpark

    Paphos Aphrodite waterpark

    Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark The waterpark is located to the east of Kato Paphos, i.e. to the direction opposite to the harbour and castle. Especially with kids, this is a must visit attraction.  
  • Kato Paphos holiday villas

    Kato Paphos holiday villas

     Holiday villas for rent in Kato Paphos Cyprus As the main tourist resort of Paphos, there are numerous hotels and holiday apartments in Kato Paphos, but not so many holiday villas. Most of the holiday villas, and the most luxurious villas in Kato Paphos, are located in the area of Tombs of the...
  • Kato Paphos Harbour and Castle

    Kato Paphos Harbour and Castle

    Kato Paphos harbour and castle The small harbour at Kato Paphos with the castle is considered the heart of Paphos. Being probably the main hallmark of Paphos, it is a popular place to visit for both locals and visitors. Everybody is coming here for a stroll, to relax, to look around, to socialize, to have a...
  • Kato Paphos holiday apartments

    Kato Paphos holiday apartments

     Holiday apartments in Kato Paphos Many holiday apartments for rent in Kato Paphos. They are self-catering accommodation. Two types, hotel apartments, organized much like the hotels. And small, family-run units. The hosts try very hard to help, not just because of their business, but also because...