Kato Paphos maps

Map of Kato Paphos in English

A map of Kato Paphos showing the main roads and the main attractions of Kato Paphos. See where are the various attractions, activities and beaches of Kato Paphos. Download the large version of the map and print it.

Kato Paphos hotels map

A map with the locations of various Kato Paphos hotels, holiday villas and holiday apartments. Not all of them are included, as this is impossible due to the large number of accommodations in Kato Paphos. 

Map of Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Map of Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

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Directions to Kato Paphos

How to visit the Kato Paphos area by car. Where to park.

Kato Paphos buses

A short guide on how to use the public buses from Kato Paphos. Where they stop, where to go from Kato Paphos by bus. 


 Articles related to Kato Paphos

  • Agia Solomoni Church and Catacomb

    Agia Solomoni Church and Catacomb

    Agia Solomoni Church and catacomb The catacomb of Agia Solomoni is located half the way between Kato Paphos harbour and the Mall of Paphos. From the harbour, it is a short ten minutes walk. Buses going both to Paphos old town and Coral Bay area, stop on both ways just outside the catacomb, so you...
  • Kato Paphos accommodation

    Kato Paphos accommodation

    Kato Paphos accommodation As a top holiday resort, at Kato Paphos, there are many hotels, holiday apartments, and holiday villas. Because of its popularity as a holiday destination, availability is very limited during the busy summer months, as well as September and mid-October. It is a piece of...
  • Kato Paphos area

    Kato Paphos area

    Guide to Kato Paphos Cyprus Kato Paphos is the main tourist destination in Paphos region and one of the top holiday resorts in Cyprus and the Mediterranean Sea. Many good hotels, small yet nice beaches, a lot of attractions and activities, restaurants and bars, very good infrastructure make Kato...
  • Saint Paul's pillar

    Saint Paul's pillar

    Saint Paul's pillar St Paul's pillar is in the heart of Kato Paphos, next to Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa church. According to the legent, when Saint Paul visited Paphos to teach the Christianityto the locals. Paphos - and Cyprus were then under Roman occupation and the Roman lord of Paphos...
  • Kato Paphos holiday apartments

    Kato Paphos holiday apartments

     Holiday apartments in Kato Paphos Many holiday apartments for rent in Kato Paphos. They are self-catering accommodation. Two types, hotel apartments, organized much like the hotels. And small, family-run units. The hosts try very hard to help, not just because of their business, but also because...