Agia Solomoni Church and catacomb

Agia Solomoni catacombThe catacomb of Agia Solomoni is located half the way between Kato Paphos harbour and the Mall of Paphos. From the harbour, it is a short ten minutes walk. Buses going both to Paphos old town and Coral Bay area, stop on both ways just outside the catacomb, so you can take the bus if you are far away and still want to visit the catacomb.

Brief history of Agia Solomoni catacomb

The catacomb dates back to early Christian times. The catacomb is under the surface, as the Christians were not allowed to exercise their religion at that period, so they had to do it secretly. Below the surface, one can now see the church dedicated to Agia Solomoni. The steps leading down to the underground chambers are relatively steep, so step down carefully. Another reason to be careful is the fact that entering the catacomb you go from bright daylight into very poor light, so this can easily affect what you see.
There is a chamber leading to a well with water all year-round, which is supposed to be sacred. On top of the catacomb, there is a large pistachio tree which is also considered to be sacred. Many people use to hang a scarf, make a wish and ask Agia Solomoni to help them achieve whatever they want.

Entrance fee and opening hours of the catacomb

The catacomb is open all day and night, and there is no entrance fee. Avoid, however, visiting the catacomb during the night, as it is not well illuminated and stepping down in the dark can be dangerous.

Other attractions in the area

Next to the catacomb, there is a complex of caves carved in solid rock, namely Havrikas. You can explore the caves and then climb on the top of Havrikas. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of Kato Paphos. There are also ancient ruins, and two small churches to discover while walking around, also carved in the solid rock. To the east side of the area, you can visit the ancient theater, which was discovered a few years ago and is still excavated. As Paphos was the capital of Cyprus in ancient times, this is believed to be the largest theatre on the island.
Just opposite the catacomb of Agia Solomoni, there is a street leading to the lighthouse, another beautiful area to visit. 
Also, between the catacomb and the harbour, on the same side of the street on a small side street, you can find the Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa church and the Saint Paul's pillar.