Lara bay Cyprus

Lara bay beach and Lara turtles conservation station

Lara bay beach in Paphos Cyprus and the turtles conservation station are about seven kilometers from the entrance to Akamas peninsula from Ayios Georgios Peyias. The road is unsurfaced but generally in good condition, which means that you can visit the area even with a saloon car, provided that you will drive with reduced speed.
Access to the beach and to Lara conservation station is only allowed on foot, which is a short walk from where you park your car. The beach is wonderful, long and sandy. Swimming is allowed, but you are not allowed to bring with your umbrellas and stuff like this, so bring with you sun protection cream to avoid sunburns. Also, as a general rule for every visit to the Akamas peninsula, bring with you water and food, there are no restaurants in Akamas / Lara bay.

Lara bay Cyprus turtles conservation station

The Lara bay turtles conservation station is run by the state department of Forests and Fishery. In the area, you will see a simple, wooden construction and water tanks with very few turtles that have just come out of their eggs. This is their first station before returning to the oceans.
Turtles season during which lay their eggs in Lara beach expands from middle May to middle August and their nests are protected with iron cages and warning signs. Turtles that lay their eggs in Lara bay beach belong to endangered species, so please be very careful not to disturb the nests. The Lara conservation station protects the turtle eggs from both natural predators like foxes that come and eat the eggs and human interference. The government officers will be glad to share with you everything they know about turtles.

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The pathway to Lara Bay Cyprus beach
The pathway you follow to access Lara Bay beach
Lara Bay Cyprus is a turtles conservation area.
so please access it with care.

A protected turtles nest on Lara Bay beach. Lara bay beach in Paphos Cyprus is a turtle conservation area.
Protected turtles nest at Lara Bay beach
Lara bay beach is one of Cyprus turtles conservation stations.