Polis Cyprus holidays. Visiting Polis Chrysochous region

Polis Cyprus is a beautiful small town in Paphos. Holidays to Polis Cyprus are for those seeking tranquility, calm and serene holidays in a safe environment. Nature, nice beaches, history, myths from ancient times, and tradition are the hallmarks of the Polis Chrysochous area.

Holidays Polis Cyprus. Polis Chrysochous central square

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Holidays to Polis Cyprus. Visiting Polis Chrysochous region

About Polis Chrysochous in Cyprus

Polis nightlife

Things to do in Polis

Where to stay in Polis in Cyprus

Polis weather

Polis popular beaches

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Questions and answers about Polis and Polis region

Brief history of Polis Chrysochous and Polis region


Polis region is an area of exceptional natural beauty. Lush into green surroundings and overlooking the inviting blue Mediterranean Sea waters of the Bay of Chrysochous, Polis town, and the surrounding beautiful small villages wait to welcome you and your family and friends and offer their best for unforgettable vacations.

There are many wonderful sandy beaches for your everyday swimming. Some of them are just meters away from your holiday accommodation. Restaurants and tavernas offer traditional and international cuisine, and there are many to choose from.

At the same time, there are many activities to enjoy and attractions to see during your holidays. Polis region offers many opportunities for explorations in nature and visits to beautiful villages, historic areas, and monuments. For those seeking these from their holidays, then maybe Polis can be heaven on earth!


About Polis Chrysochous in Cyprus

Polis is the northern part of the Paphos region. Polis town is also known as Polis Chrysochous. The small, beautiful town which overlooks the bay of Chrysochous, is the heart and center of the Polis region. Polis region, except Polis, includes several small traditional villages around the town.

The beautiful little town of Polis is built near the sea. To the north is the Bay of Chrysochous. Small hills lush in the greenery surround the town of Polis amphitheatrically. There are many small, beautiful, traditional villages on these hills. As they are in an elevated position, they overlook the town of Polis and the wonderful blue Mediterranean waters of the Bay of Polis Chrysochous, offering fantastic views.

Polis has a charming stone-built traditional central square, ideal for your coffee, beer, or dinner. Polis also offers a variety of holiday rentals to choose from. Polis town has a population of around 3500, while the region’s total population is less than 10000.

Latchi is a small village right next to Polis to the west. Many times Polis and Latchi are considered the same. Latchi lies on the seafront, on the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its fishing port, and the fish taverns that offer really fresh seafood.

Latchi has wonderful sandy beaches for swim and sunbath. For accommodation, there are also many options at Latchi village, including hotels, hotel apartments, and holiday villas.

In addition to Polis and Latchi, there are, also, many other picturesque villages surrounding Polis, waiting for you to discover. Each one of these small villages has its charms and many tourists choose to stay in them for their holidays. There are holiday apartments and agrotourism houses if you decide to stay in these villages.


Polis nightlife

Nightlife is good but not exuberant. There are many good tavernas and restaurants to introduce to you the traditional Cypriot cuisine.

Fish taverns are some of the best in Cyprus, offering to you usually same-day caught fish. There are also beautiful cafeterias for your afternoon or night out. Some of these places offer live music, usually during the weekend days.


Polis Chrysochous Cyprus - Enjoying a refreshment at a coffee shopThings to do in Polis

Polis town and Polis region are great for the exploration of nature. Very interesting are also the historical monuments and its coastline, which is diverse and ranges from sandy beaches to rough, rocky shores, which offer a wild beauty. A few of the activities you can enjoy in Polis region:

  • Visits to the Polis Archaeological Museum of Marion and Arsinoe, the Baths of Aphrodite,
  • Day trips to the villages around Polis
  • A visit to Akamas National Park
  • Discovering and walking the nature trails of the area
  • Enjoy a day trip by boat to Blue Lagoon
  • Enjoy the wonderful sandy beaches and the Mediterranean Sea

These are among the things you should do during your Polis holidays. Polis is the entrance to Akamas peninsula National Park from the north. The national park of Akamas is the biggest park in Cyprus and you can easily explore it from the Polis area.

For more details please read our article with the complete list of things to do in the Polis region.


Where to stay in Polis in Cyprus

There are many hotel apartments and holiday apartments in the town of Polis, and a few hotels, one to three stars. They offer easy access to everything within Polis town, but the beaches are not easily accessible on foot, and you will need some sort of transportation to visit the beach.

Outside Polis, there are some very good hotels and hotel apartments, almost all of them just a few meters from the sea. These accommodations are mainly 3 and 4 stars. There is even one 5-star super luxury hotel with many celebrities of the international jet set visiting it in privacy every year. These accommodations offer very easy access to the sea and restaurants and tavernas near them. The other way than Polis town, you will need transportation to visit Polis and its amenities.

What I would say is that, because the Polis region is spread in a relatively extended area, you will need to hire a car or a buggy or even an electric bicycle for a few days to move around. There are bus connections, but they are not very dense. Once in the area ask about these bus connections to see if they are convenient for you.


Polis weather

Weather in Polis is, like everywhere in Cyprus, lovely Mediterranean. Hot in the summer and mild in the winter. Compared to Paphos and Kato Paphos area, I think that Polis weather is a bit hotter during the summer, but with less humidity. This makes the climate more bearable for visitors from the northern countries of Europe during the day, and a bit cooler during the night.

Polis Chrysochous 7 days weather forecast


Polis Municipal Beach Polis popular beaches

There are many nice sandy beaches around Polis. Among them, and closest to Polis, are Latchi beach, Polis Municipal beach, the Camping Site beach, and the Argaka beach. For Argaka beach you need transportation, while the Camping Site beach and then the Polis Municipal beach are the two easier to visit on foot.

Latchi beach, Polis Municipal beach, and the Camping Site beach are all accessible by a nice pedestrian road that connects Polis town and Latchi village. It is a beautiful pedestrians road next to the sea surrounded by trees and gardens. You should walk it at least once when in Polis and enjoy nature and the wonderful views of Chrysochous Bay.

There are 2-3 beautiful beaches on the road to Loutra tis Afrodotis (Aphrodite's baths). You need a car to visit them. They are not visible from the street, but they are very nice and worth visiting. Please read our article about the best beaches in Polis for more details.



Polis region photos and videos


Polis restaurants and bars


Polis shops and other useful Information

Like supermarkets, taxis, buses, car hire, motorbike rental, shops, restaurants, and bars. Polis hospital (more like a primary care hospital, if necessary they take you to Paphos Hospital), pharmacies, banks, government offices, police, fire station.


Questions and answers about Polis and Polis region

What is Polis in Cyprus like?

Polis region is a very beautiful area. Lush into green surroundings and overlooking the inviting blue Mediterranean Sea waters of the Bay of Chrysochous, Polis town, and the surrounding small traditional villages wait to welcome you and your family and friends and offer their best for fantastic holidays.


Which is the nearest airport to Polis?

The nearest airport to Polis is the Paphos International Airport. It is at a driving distance of about 50km from Polis, and it takes a bit less than an hour to get there.


Can you visit Akamas from the Polis area?

Polis is the entrance to Akamas peninsula from the North / North-East. The best advice is to attend and follow one of the scheduled trips from Polis, as Akamas is a large area with only dirt roads, tricky in certain areas, and it is easy to get lost.


Where is Polis located?

Polis is located in the north of Paphos district. Polis region stretches from the boundaries of Akamas and the village of Neo Chorio to the west until the village of Pomos to the north-eastern for about 25 km. Polis and its surrounding villages are relatively isolated. To the west is the Akamas National Park, the only uninhabited area of Cyprus. In the south and east, Polis area ends at the outskirts of Paphos forest. To the north are the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Chrysochous.



A brief history of Polis Chrysochous and Polis region

Historically, Mycenaean Greeks were the first settlers in the area, about 3000 years ago. The myth goes even further back, and names heroes from the Trojan war as the first inhabitants of the area, in order to explore the rich copper and gold mines of the area. Today’s Polis Chrysochous is the continuation of the ancient cities of Marion and Arsinoe, that flourished and then declined here, Marion first and Arsinoe later, thousands of years ago. The Archaeological Museum of Polis exhibits the glorious past of the area.