Maps of Polis Chrysohous area, in Paphos Cyprus

Useful maps of the Polis area in Cyprus in English


 General map of Polis Chrysochous area

General map of Polis region in Paphos CyprusPolis Chrysochous is the northern part of Paphos district in Cyprus. Known for its wonderful nature, fantastic beaches, long history and culture, Polis area extends between Akamas National Park to the West and Paphos Forest and Troodos Mountains to the East and North-East. To the North is the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Chrysochous, known for its deep blue, cool waters. The map shows the location of the town of Polis Chrysochous, the administrative, economic, and tourist center of the region, and a few of the main tourist villages in the area of Polis.

Polis Cyprus location on a map of Paphos and Cyprus


Polis region map The area that is the Polis region is highlighted with brown colour


Location of Polis region on Cyprus mapPolis Chrysochous location on Cyprus map



Map of beaches near Polis Chrysochous

Polis region beaches map

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