Kato Paphos Archaeological Park - Paphos Mosaics

Located behind Paphos harbour, is the archaeological park of Paphos. Famous for its wonderful mosaics, it is a Unesco World Heritage Site, something that shows how interesting and important this ancient site is.

Archaeological Park of Kato Paphos

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Kato Paphos Archaeological Park - Paphos Mosaics

Kato Paphos mosaics

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park opening hours and entrance fees

Directions - how to visit the Archaeological Park of Paphos

Things to do near the archaeological park of Kato Paphos

Kato Paphos mosaics

There are many wonderful things to see at the Archaeological Park, but the main attraction is the mosaics dating back to the Roman period, more than two thousand years ago. Preserved in excellent condition and showing mainly scenes from Greek Mythology, Paphos Mosaics attract thousands of visitors to visit and admire the archaeological park every year. Even tourist groups staying in other areas of Cyprus come to visit it.
Other very interesting attractions in the Archaeological Park are the Ancient Odeon and the Saranta Kolones castle, a Byzantine-era fortress overlooking the harbour.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park opening hours and entrance fees

The Archaeological Park is open daily, all year round.
During the summer period, (16th April – 15th September), the park is open from 8.30 in the morning until 7.30 in the afternoon.
During the winter period, (16th September – 15th April), the park is open from 8.30 in the morning until 5.00 in the afternoon.

Entrance fee: The ticket price is €4.50 per person.



Entrance to the Archaeological Park of  Kato Paphos (and all archaeological sites in Cyprus) is free for all persons over 65 and for all students, irrespective of their nationality. Persons over 65 must have an official ID confirming their age, and students must have their student card to show at the entrance. Without this ID, you will have to pay the 4,50 Euros entrance fee.

Below this general information, there is a detailed description of the park, for those seeking to learn in-depth mainly about the Mosaics.

Directions to the Archaeological Park of Paphos

It is very easy to visit the archaeological park, as it is just behind the Kato Paphos harbour, the heart of Paphos. So, if you stay in a hotel near the harbour, just walk to the Paphos harbour, enjoy the route, and enjoy the archaeological park and the harbour as well. If you stay at a distance, many public buses pass every 10-15 minutes and finish at the bus station near the harbour. If you hire a car just drive to the harbour and park in the vast parking space outside the Archaeological Park. In any of these ways, visiting the park is very easy.

Attractions and things to do near the Archaeological Park of Kato Paphos

There are many other things to do near the Mosaics of Paphos, suitable for everybody, and kids as well.

  • Sit at the harbour and enjoy a cold drink, sitting virtually on the sea. From the many good places to sit at the harbour, Steve's Restaurant and Bar are our favourite, highly recommended!

  • Visit the Medieval Castle of Paphos in the area of the harbour. Interesting visit, and great views of the harbour and Kato Paphos from the top of the castle.

  • Opposite the harbour, about a kilometre (ten minutes walk) away, are the Paphos Municipal Baths. Combining a cafeteria on the sea and a Blue Flag beach, it is a nice place to sit and enjoy a snack or a meal or to enjoy your bath in the crystal clear waters of this fully organized beach. This is the only beach in the heart of Kato Paphos, and unique as it is a beach without sand at all. Using this beach, like all other beaches in Cyprus, is free.

  • Walking towards the Paphos Mall is the Agia Solomoni catacomb. You will see it about half the way between the Kato Paphos port and the Paphos Mall, on your right-hand side. The entrance is free and a five to ten-minute visit will give you a good idea of the catacomb and it is worth visiting.

  • Close to the catacomb is the interesting Havrikas Hill, which is also known as Fabrica Hill. It is just about 20 meters from the catacomb. Here you can admire enormous caves cut from solid rock and at the top a few ancient sites, still under excavation. On the top of the hill, there are also three very small churches, also formed by carving solid rock. Because of the elevated position, the views of Kato Paphos and the Mediterranean Sea from here are wonderful.

  • Visit the Paphos Mall, which is about ten-fifteen minutes walk from the harbour area. It is a typical mall when it comes to the shops inside it, but still, a good idea to spend a few hours in a nice environment.