Events, festivals, concerts, and celebrations in Paphos


Pafos Aphrodite Festival Opera at Kato Paphos, infront of the Medieval CastleThroughout the year there are many celebrations, festivals, concerts, and events to attend. Some celebrations and festivals take place every year, but there are also other events like concerts and theatrical performances that only occur once.


Celebrations include religious and traditional events and are events with very massive participation, while the celebrations continue for a few days before and after the actual date of the event.

Music concerts are usually performed by famous Greek artists and are very popular among visitors to Paphos as well.

If you have the opportunity to watch an event at the Odeon, the ancient theater of Paphos, just go for it and you will not regret it. You will walk through ancient ruins thousands of years old to go to the theater and whatever is the event, a singer, a theater, or a dancing performance, it deserves your time for sure.

Four of the celebrations you should watch if you are in Paphos during the period are:

The Greek Orthodox Easter

The celebrations for the resurrection of Jesus Christ are brilliant and unique. At midnight on Holy Saturday, almost everybody in Cyprus who is not working and is not sick is at the church for the mass of Jesus' resurrection. If you are in Paphos or Cyprus, go to a church, you don't have to go inside, stay outside with hundreds or thousands of others and watch the celebration. Many visit monasteries for this special night, with Agios Neophytos Monastery and Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery being the two most visited.

Visiting a church on the previous day, the Good Friday, is also a very special religious day to watch.


Anthestiria is a celebration dating back to the very old ages. It takes place early in the spring, with parades, dances, and decorations with flowers. Anthestiria is a celebration of the coming of spring, there are parades in the streets of Paphos, it is free to watch, and it is fantastic for children.

Paphos Carnival

Carnival is also celebrated with parades and songs. It is a lively festival fun for adults and kids. It takes place every year usually in March and there are many events for everybody, but mainly for children.


Kataklysmos (Epiphany Day)

Another festival and celebration for the whole family. It takes place every year in late May or in June. The epicenter is at Kato Paphos at the harbor, with many happenings and free concerts to watch.

There are also many cultural festivals in Paphos, mainly during the summer.

Pafia Festival

Pafia, an annual cultural event with theatrical performances and concerts from famous singers and music bands among others, is a festival to watch.

Watching a performance at the Ancient Theater of Paphos is an experience to remember. If you are watching an ancient comedy for example, think of it from this unique perspective: two or three thousand years ago, some other people were sitting at the exact seats you are sitting, watching the very same performance. Impressive, isn’t it?


Paphos Aphrodite Festival

This is an opera performance that takes place in Paphos, in front of the castle at Kato Paphos harbor, every year. The opera is performed usually by one very important European Opera theater, it takes place early in September and is an event not to miss if you are in Paphos during the dates. Many people visit Paphos just to see this performance.


Beer Festival

The Beer Festival held at the harbor, next to the Castle, is also good to visit. Held at the end of August and the first days of September is free to enter and fun to watch. You can listen to live music and, of course, buy and enjoy many different types of beer.

Many villages have their annual festivals in the summer. For each village its annual festival is a good opportunity for the villagers, both in the village and living in other areas of Cyprus or abroad, to meet and strengthen their relations. The festivals offer food, drink, and live music at very reasonable prices. If a village is known for something special, then the festival is devoted to that and many of the festivals deserve to visit.

Paphos Marathon

Paphos Marathon is an annual athletic event with thousands of people from Cyprus and abroad attending each year. If you are into sports, there are many distances (not just the Marathon) to run, and you will get a diploma for participating. There is even a Fun Wine Run! You just register at the area of Paphos Castle before the run, or online.