Explore the wonderful nature and outdoors of Paphos

Paphos offers unique natural scenery. 

Aphrodite's Rock beach Paphos CyprusWhat makes Paphos outdoors so unique are mainly three reasons.

Firstly are the beautiful beaches and intriguing seashores, where you can enjoy your bath or a nice excursion. Either near the tourist resorts or in the Akamas National Park, they have crystal clear waters. Many of them are awarded Blue Flag for their clear waters and the amenities they offer to visitors.

Then, it is the Akamas Peninsula National Park. Akamas is the biggest national park in Cyprus. It is totally uninhabited and with no building allowed in the area of the park, it is the only wilderness in Cyprus. With unique flora and fauna, beaches where turtles come and lay their eggs, and the Avakas gorge to walk and explore there are many things to admire and enjoy.

The third element is the mountains of Paphos. Lying inland, they divide the Paphos region into its two main resorts, Kato Paphos and Coral Bay south, and Polis area north. Many of the mountains are densely forested with pines. Hidden in these mountains, you can discover many wonderful traditional villages lush with greenery, natural attractions, centuries-old monasteries and churches, wineries, pine forests, and beautiful natural sightseeing to admire. 


The 3 landmark places you must visit in the Paphos area when it comes to nature

Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Birth beach)

A wonderful beach with many histories and legends surrounding it. The most famous is connected with the birth of Aphrodite, the ancient Goddess of Beauty and Love. It is a pebble beach and the waters are relatively deep and sometimes rough. So it is not a great place to swim, but it is one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in Cyprus. Petra tou Romiou is also known for the wonderful sunsets you can enjoy from here.

Related to Aphrodite is another wonderful area, near Polis Chrysochous. Loutra tis Aphroditis (Aphrodite's Baths) is the place where, according to the myth, the ancient goddess used to go to take her bath. A very beautiful area where you can visit the small pond of the myth, while enjoying the wonderful views of the dark blue Mediterranean Sea waters, and a small botanic garden to walk in. Definitely well worth a visit.

Akamas National Park

The biggest national park in Cyprus, the Akamas Peninsula National Park, is a place to visit and explore for every nature lover. Unique flora and fauna not found anywhere else on the earth, wonderful sandy beaches, where endangered turtle species come and lay their eggs, and a very beautiful gorge to walk, the Avakas gorge, are the three main attractions that make thousands of visitors every year to visit and enjoy the park. 

The beaches of Paphos

Paphos is blessed with some fantastic sandy beaches that you should visit during your holidays. Easily accessible and most of them awarded with a Blue Flag, they are a place for the whole family to play and relax in a safe environment.

There are two more places I would like to mention regarding Paphos nature

Stavros tis Psokas is a forest station run by the Department of Forests, in the heart of Paphos forest. It is a wonderful place to visit and explore. Among other attractions and activities, you should visit the enclosure of agrina (in Greek αγρινό, agrino, plural agrina). Agrina is a native species, a wild sheep only found in Cyprus. They are renowned for their ability to climb at lightning speed up the mountains. You may also walk the two nature trails in the area, and visit the nearby Cedars Valley, with its unique cedar trees only found here and in neighboring Lebanon. While in the area, explore the small beautiful traditional nearby villages. Ask for the traditional tavernas in these villages to enjoy a nice meal. As this area is one of the main wine-producing areas of Cyprus, you can even go for wine tasting in the wineries of the surrounding area.

The next place I recommend is a visit to Pyrgos Tillirias, or Kato Pyrgos as is also known. Although administratively is a part of the Nicosia district, it is only accessible from Paphos. Stip forested mountains and many small deserted beaches to explore and enjoy, and fresh fish caught the night before and served on the seaside will make the trip memorable.


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