Avakas Gorge

Avakas gorge is the most well-known gorge in Cyprus. It is located very close to the entrance of the Akamas peninsula from the area of Agios Georgios Peyias. Its general direction is north-south and you enter the gorge from the south. How long is the Avakas gorge? Its total length is about 5 km, however, the narrow part of it covers about the first 2 km, after that it opens up and it is more like a small valley. On the first narrow part you can admire the impressive rock formations, while on the second, more open, part, you will enjoy the beautiful landscape and wonderful vegetation.

How to get to Avakas gorge directions

You will have to drive towards Agios Georgios Peyias at first. From Paphos, you will have to go towards Coral Bay and continue straight. With this, i mean that when you reach the Coral Bay area you will find a roundabout, where you turn left if you are going to Coral Bay, instead just continue driving straight for approximately five kilometers. The road is two-directions in very good condition and a beautiful route, as you drive through banana and other plantations. There are clear road signs for Agios Georgios Peyia, in general, you will continue straight for about six-seven minutes, and the way to Akamas is a turn to the right as you are going, be careful not to lose the road sign.
After turning right the road is still surfaced for about a kilometer, then you enter the Akamas National Park area and the road becomes unsurfaced. At the end of the surfaced road, there is a cafeteria to your right and this is the last point from where you can get water, from this point on there are no other cafeterias or restaurants or anything else reminiscent of civilization, just virgin nature.
The unsurfaced road is in good condition, dusty in the summer and maybe in not so good condition in the winter, especially after rainfalls, but you will not have any problems driving until the entrance of the gorge, which is a bit more than a kilometer away. There is a sign towards the gorge, as you will have to turn right, and you cannot drive until the entrance of the gorge, you will have to park and walk for five minutes until the entrance.

..and some advice when visiting the Avakas gorge

  • You will not find water or food in the area, so bring with you whatever you believe that you will need.
  • You cannot walk the Avakas gorge in sandals, so wear proper shoes.
  • Consider your general physical condition and just walk according to it, you can get a good idea about Avakas gorge and enjoy it, even if you only walk ten-fifteen minutes in the gorge.
  • The weather in summer is very hot and even though there is good protection from the sun in the narrow part of the gorge, the humidity is high and the wind usually is not blowing to cool you, so consider this as well.
  • There are wild goats in the area and many times they walk on the edges of the rocks above you as you are walking on the bottom of the gorge. This might result in rocks falling from above - not usual, but it happens.
  • You can also face falling rocks in the winter for another reason when it rains.
  • Another issue to consider during the winter is that when it rains the river (stream is the word that better describes it i believe) in the Avakas gorge, which is usually totally dry in the summer and only bears some water in the winter, can suddenly bring a lot of water which could be potentially dangerous.

These are not meant to dishearten you, just a few warnings about what you might face. Thousands of people visit the Avakas gorge every year, enjoy a memorable day and nothing bad happens, so just do the same and enjoy!