Paphos Agrotourism Holidays

If you want to experience an alternative holiday style, then consider Agrotourism. Choosing agrotourism is the best way to enjoy relaxing holidays in a peaceful and safe environment. At the same time, it is a very good opportunity for you to come in direct contact with the people of Cyprus in their everyday lives and activities. By staying in a village I am sure that you will appreciate the calm, friendly approach of the villagers, and their sincere desire to host and please you.

Pano Arodes village Cyprus Agrotourism focuses on the preservation of the Cyprus culture and heritage. Dedicated agrotourism accommodations offer every modern amenity while preserving the unique character of an old, stone-built village house.

Paphos, with its many charming, traditional, and interesting villages in its rural inlands, is perfect for your agrotourism holidays and is one of the places to add to your shortlist.

While enjoying the agrotourism villages of Paphos in the mountains in the rural inlands, visiting the beach is very easy because of the small distances. It is a nice way to try this different type of holiday, while still having the advantage of relatively easy access to the beach.

Best agrotourism villages in Paphos

There are many nice places around Paphos to stay and enjoy agrotourism. What differentiates the villages we mention here is the fact that, in addition to very nice agrotourism accommodations, they offer the opportunity to explore and enjoy different things, like walks in the nature, nice tavernas, wine tasting, exploration of theme museums and nature information centers, visits to donkey farms, horse riding, even visits to nearby waterfalls. Yes, there are waterfalls in Cyprus, even in the summer!

Kathikas village

A beautiful wine village at an altitude of more than 600 meters, overlooking the Akamas National Park. Known for its tavernas, Kathikas is very popular with locals as well, and many visit the traditional tavernas of the village regularly. Wine tasting, exploring the nature around the village and the small villages near Kathikas, (nature museums – check what is available in Kathikas and Arodes) dedicated to Akamas, visits and swimming at Coral Bay beach and Polis Chrysochous are activities to enjoy while staying in Kathikas. Read this article to learn everything about Kathikas village.

Episkopi village

A small village known for its Environmental Center, the wonderful nature, and its huge Cliff where vultures and wild pigeons and other birds nest, is a very nice village for your holidays as well. Regular bus connections to Paphos Old Town and Kato Paphos tourist areas make it easy to visit these popular destinations.

At Paphos old town there are many attractions to explore, while at Kato Paphos, the tourist center of Paphos, you can enjoy your swim and visit the numerous restaurants and bars. Tsada Golf Club is about a fifteen-minute drive from Episkopi, but you will need your rented car to go there if you like golf, or just to enjoy a coffee or a meal at the Golf Club. The reason is that there is no direct bus connection between Episkopi and Tsada Golf Course. There are tavernas in Episkopi village for your nights out.

Panagia village

Panagia is a mountainous village at an altitude of about 900m. It is a wine village and by staying here you can visit for wine tasting various wineries in the area. Nearby attractions include the Monastery of Panagia Chrysorroyiatissa, a thousand-year-old monastery dedicated to Mary, and Stavros tis Psokas, one very interesting forest station in the forest of Paphos. Walking in nature and exploring the traditional tavernas in Panagia and the nearby villages are other activities you can enjoy in the area.


Other agrotourism villages in Paphos

The beautiful, picturesque villages around Polis Chrysochous, to the north of Paphos district, are also very nice agrotourism spots. They combine green surroundings, attractions, activities like hiking and horse riding, and easy access to the beaches of Polis. Agrotourism Villages in this area of Paphos include among others Miliou, Drouseia, Arodes, Akourdaleia, and Lysos.

In the mountainous center of Paphos there are a few more interesting agrotourism villages. After Tsada village, the agrotourism villages of Kallepia, Letymbou, Choulou, and Lemona create a group of villages that are relatively close to Paphos, Kato Paphos and Polis. There are a lot of good tavernas and attractions here, like wineries for wine tasting, monasteries to visit, a very good golf course, and nature trails to walk, in addition to the very good accommodations.