Guide for your holidays to Coral Bay Cyprus

Coral Bay is a beachfront tourist resort in Paphos Cyprus. It was developed around a focal point, its famous Coral Bay Beach, one of the finest sandy beaches in Cyprus and the Mediterranean. The resort took its name from this wonderful beach.

Administratively the Coral Bay area belongs to Peyia, a nearby small town, about 2 kilometers away. As a holiday resort, however, it is self-sufficient, with many good hotels, villas, and other accommodations, and many restaurants and bars for dining out and for good nightlife. There are also many things to do in the area.

Coral Bay Cyprus

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Coral bay is located about twelve km from Paphos town to the west. It is a beautiful area with a top-class sandy beach and many hotels, villas restaurants and bars. It is mainly a very popular touristic area but there are also a few permanent inhabitants.

If there is a minus side to mention, the beach is so beautiful and the resort so popular, that sometimes during the summertime becomes overcrowded.


Coral Bay nightlife

Coral Bay offers nice nightlife. It is not exuberant, but is lively and offers many options. There are many good restaurants and bars, with many of them offering live music a few days of the week. As in every tourist place, there are a few restaurants of poor quality, so be careful. Most of the nightlife takes place on Coral bay Avenue, which is the main road, the central artery of Coral Bay area, and crosses through it. This road is widely known as the Strip.


Things to do in the Coral Bay area

The main attraction of Coral bay is the famous beach, and you must definitely visit it and swim. It is a very nice beach for everybody. Stretching for almost 400 meters, with fine golden sand, the sea is protected from high seas by two arms of land, one of each side of the beach.

The second beach of Coral Bay, the Laourou beach, is located about a kilometer to the west of the main beach of Coral Bay. It is also a very nice sandy beach well worth your visit.

Built around two beautiful beaches, there are a lot of water sports you can enjoy.

Paphos Zoo is a very popular attraction in the Coral Bay area. Visiting the zoo is a fantastic experience, especially if you have kids with you. For nature lovers, the national park of Akamas peninsula, about 5 km from Coral Bay, is also a very popular attraction. You can arrange a visit with one of the offices that specialize in this at Coral Bay. At the entrance of Akamas, the Avakas Gorge is easily accessible, and walking it offers a different experience.

For history lovers, one of the very first Greek colonization settlements of Cyprus was discovered in Coral Bay.  Known as the Maa - Paleokastro ancient settlement of Greek Colonization, it is located on the west arm of Coral bay beach, next to Coral Thalassa hotel. You can visit the excavations, which are more than 3200 years old, as well as the dedicated small museum. It is a short yet interesting visit.

There are many good restaurants and bars in the area, so dining or going out for a drink is never a problem.

There are also a few interesting places to visit near Coral Bay. We have already mentioned the Akamas Peninsula National Park. A visit to Peyia, the small town where Coral Bay belongs administratively, is also recommended. To the east, Kato Paphos tourist area is about twenty kilometers drive away, easily accessible by car or bus.

The nearby village of Kathikas is very interesting. Located on the hills above Peyia, it is about 6-7 km away. Take a stroll in the village, eat at one of the very good restaurants in Kathikas village center, visit the donkey farm, or even take a wine tasting at one of the wineries. If you drive to Kathikas from Coral bay, take care because the connecting street is in very good condition but with many curves, so drive slowly and carefully.

From Coral Bay, you can also visit the village of Kissonerga to the east, and the Kato Paphos area, the tourist heart of Paphos.


Coral Bay popular beaches

There are two very nice, sandy beaches at Coral Bay. The Coral Bay beach, from which the whole area took its name, and Laourou beach, also known as Corallia beach.

Coral bay is a blue flag beach, and as such there are amenities on the beach, including easy access to the beach for disabled persons, toilets, and lifeguards. There are also watersports and water toys to hire on the beach.

The beach also offers amenities like seabeds and umbrellas for hire and kiosks from where you can buy soft drinks, refreshments and snacks.

The second beach of Coral Bay, the Laourou beach, is located about a kilometer to the west of Coral Bay beach. It is also a very nice sandy beach well worth your visit.


Coral Bay weather

Coral Bay Cyprus 7 days weather forecast


5 questions and answers about Coral Bay

Where is Coral bay in Cyprus? Is Coral Bay near Ayia Napa?

Coral Bay is in the Paphos district, the western part of Cyprus. Ayia Napa is in the  Famagusta district, which is in the eastern part of Cyprus. This means that Coral Bay is not near Ayia Napa. Actually, this is one of the longest trips you can do by car in  Cyprus. The distance between them is about 170 kilometers, more than two hours drive by car.

Is Coral Bay in Paphos Cyprus lively?

Yes, Coral bay is a lively place to enjoy your holidays. many persons come again and again to Coral bay for their holidays.

What is Coral bay Cyprus like?

Coral Bay is a beachfront tourist resort. Its focal points are the two beautiful sandy beaches, Coral Bay beach, and Laourou Beach. When it comes to nightlife, the main road of Coral Bay, known as the Strip, is the place to visit. The Strip is the place where most of the restaurants, cafeterias, and bars at Coral Bay area are located, and where all the night action takes place.

Is the Coral Bay area safe?

Yes, it is a safe area to stay and enjoy your holidays. Serious crime has not occurred for many years, but petty crime like pickpocket does occur occasionally, as happens in every crowded place, so just take basic precautions and you will be fine. Also, late in the night, you may find drunk people who can be annoying. But, again, serious crime does not occur.

What is there to do in the Coral Bay area?

There are many things to do in the area. Read our article about things to do in the Coral bay area.

Which is the nearest airport to Coral Bay?

The nearest airport to Coral Bay is the Paphos International Airport. It is about 30 minutes drive away. The other International Airport of Cyprus, the Larnaca International Airport, is about two hours' drive away.


Coral Bay photos (images) and videos



Other useful Information about Coral Bay

Like supermarkets, taxis, buses, car hire, motorbike rental, shops, restaurants and bars. Write that the main road of Coral Bay is called the strip.

Coral Bay directions - How to go to Coral Bay.


Bus connections between Coral Bay and Paphos

OSYPA, the public Paphos bus transport organization, connects regularly Coral Bay with both Paphos town and Kato Paphos. Check out their routes and timetables here.


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