Paphos archaeological monuments

Tombs of the Kings Paphos CyprusA place with a continuous history of more than 12500 years is natural to be full of ancient monuments and ancient myths. The archaeological museums of Paphos and Polis Chrysochous, the archaeological sites of Kato Paphos Archaeological Park with its wonderful mosaics, and the Kato Paphos Tombs of the Kings with the magnificent tombs carved in solid rocks, are among those you should visit.

Then it is the connection of Paphos with Christianity. Paphos was the first place where Saint Paul and Saint Barnabas the Apostoles visited and preached Christianity. The Church of Paphos was founded around 50 AD and is one of the most ancient Churches in the world, functioning continuously for almost two thousand years. And you can even visit the place where the two great Apostles preached.

When it comes to ancient myths and legends, Paphos is connected with the ancient Greek Goddess of Beauty and Love, Aphrodite. From its birthplace at Petra tou Romiou to its temple where she was worshiped at the nearby Kouklia village, until the wonderful little pond at Polis Chrysochous area, Loutra tis Aphroditis (Aphrodite's Baths), it is a nice feeling trying to reach ancient myths and histories.

From mythical places connected to the Goddess of Beauty and Love to pre-historic settlements in Lemba and Kissonerga to wonderful archaeological sites in Kato Paphos Archaeological Park and Kato Paphos Tombs of the Kings, Paphos is full of ancient wonders awaiting you to explore and admire.


Paphos ancient monuments and mythical places