Paphos villages to visit. Villages near Paphos

Interesting villages to visit in Paphos region


Tala village, kamares area general view
General view of Tala village, a typical residential village near Paphos town

Paphos region has many villages worth a visit. We can classify Paphos villages in villages near Paphos town, villages near Polis and mountainous Paphos villages, according to where they are located.
Many Paphos villages are touristic and offer accommodation for visitors like small hotels and holiday villas. Even villages which are not touristic can be interesting either because they have attractions to see or because they have nice tavernas and restaurants to eat.

Villages near Paphos

Most of the villages near Paphos have lost their traditional style. They are mainly places where locals and the many foreigners who stay permanently in Paphos, use as their homes. They are very beautiful, tranquil places and by visiting them you get a good idea about how the locals – both Cypriot and foreign locals  live.
At the same time, villages of this category like Chlorakas or Kissonerga for example, are also very popular touristic destinations and many visitors prefer to stay here rather than the more traditional touristic places like Kato Paphos or Coral Bay.
Other villages near Paphos, like Emba village, do not have the beautiful, traditional old village style, but still, they are very beautiful, all of them in green surroundings and do have their own attractions. In Emba for example, you can visit the very old church of Panagia Chryseleousa. The stone-built church of Panagia Chryseleousa is a centuries-old church, from the late 12th or early 13th century, famous for the very nice frescoes inside it.
The villages near Paphos are easily accessible as there is dense bus connection with Paphos, Kato Paphos, and Coral Bay, and are very good for an excursion for a few hours, very popular especially with families with children or with anybody who is looking to visit something out of the beaten track, yet without sacrificing a whole day or needing a lot of preparation for it.

Villages of mountainous Paphos

The area of Paphos region between Paphos and Coral Bay to the south and Polis area to the north is mainly covered by mountains. The villages of this area are usually small and a few of them even abandoned. There are, however, many thriving villages in this mountainous Paphos as well. They keep their traditional style and offer accommodation, mainly for agrotourism holidays. Those who are seeking to have this alternative style of holidays must discover these hidden villages of Paphos.

Villages near Polis Chrysochous Cyprus

The villages near Polis are small and beautiful. If they are not right on the sea like Latchi village and Argaka village, they are located on the hills above Polis and offer wonderful views of the Bay of Polis Chrysochous and the Mediterranean Sea.
With so many villages, in addition to all other attractions of Paphos region, it is not a surprise the fact that so many visitors come again and again for year after year, or they finally decide that they have found the perfect place for them and move permanently to Paphos!

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