Paphos Nightlife

Paphos nightlife - Nightclub in Kato PaphosNightlife in Paphos is lively but not excessive or crazy. When it comes to going out, there are more than enough places to choose from. Excellent restaurants, many bars and cafeterias, formal and informal places, cozy, traditional, international style places for your night out, you name it.

But Paphos is not a party place. You will not find places or areas in Paphos full of drunken, almost unconscious youngsters, drinking, shouting and dancing. And Thank God for this :) 

This does not mean, of course, that you will not have a fun, happy, live, enjoyable night out. You can take this as granted, that you will enjoy your nights out. And there are numerous choices for every taste.

The style of nightlife in Paphos is not crazy or over-exaggerated. At the same time, Paphos is safe even during the night. Among many other reasons, this style of nightlife in Paphos contributes to the good reputation Paphos has built as a safe, excellent family-friendly, couples-friendly, women-friendly holiday resort.