Kato Paphos harbour and castle

The small harbour at Kato Paphos with the castle is considered the heart of Paphos. Being probably the main hallmark of Paphos, it is a popular place to visit for both locals and visitors. Everybody is coming here for a stroll, to relax, to look around, to socialize, to have a coffee or beer or to eat or dine virtually on the sea. From early in the morning until late in the night the area is full of locals and visitors.

Kato Paphos harbourHow to get to Kato Paphos harbour and Paphos Castle

If you stay in the greater Kato Paphos area, going to the harbour and castle should be a short and pleasant walk of maximum 30 minutes, depending on the hotel you stay. From anywhere in Paphos, and by this i mean from Coral Bay area to Kissonerga and Chlorakas villages, and from Tombs of the Kings area to Kato Paphos, you can catch a local bus which will take you straight to the area of Kato Paphos harbour and castle. It is a short ten minutes walk from the bus station to the harbour, on a beautiful, very wide sidewalk next to the sea. Just opposite, there are many shops, restaurants and cafeterias. If you want to drive, there is a big car parking area just next to the harbour, where you can park and enjoy the area.
Photo of the pelican, the mascot of Paphos harbour




Things to do in the area of Kato Paphos harbour

A stroll on the waterfront is a must. The whole area is very beautiful and there are many shops to look around and make your shopping. Take a break at the port for a refreshment just next to the sea, watching the boats coming and going. After that, walking towards the Paphos cKato Paphos harbour from Castleastle, watch out on your right-hand side, there is a small exhibition hall, where many local artists (this includes many mainly English, but also German and other European nationalities artists that live in Paphos) exhibit their art. The entrance is usually free and you may find something to buy for you or as a gift. Articrafts prices are usually cheap.
You may also visit the castle, there is a small entrance fee and although there is not much to see in it, the general view of the harbour and Kato Paphos seafront from its terrace is magnificent.

Open-air opera at Paphos Castle

Every September the harbour hosts just in front of the castle the Paphos Aphrodite Opera Festival. It is an open-air opera and each year a different famous European opera performs here. Click here for more information about the Paphos Aphrodite Opera Festival.

Other things to do in the area of Kato Paphos

Just next to the harbour is the entrance of Kato Paphos archaeological park with its famous Roman mosaics. A visit to the mosaics is well worth it. If you like a walk by the sea, behind the castle there is a purposed built, exclusively for pedestrians, stone covered pathway going next to the sea which you can walk, watching the sea. If you visit the area around sunset time, then stop and use one of the benches to enjoy the sun diving into the sea.
*Tip: if you stay in the Tombs of the Kings area, this pathway connects the area with Kato Paphos and you can use this to visit the port.

Restaurants and bars in the harbour area

There are a few restaurants and bars directly in the harbour area. Restaurants include fish tavernas and a few others where you can order any kind of food. Food is generally good but not something special. Fish tavernas of the area are considered good, they are said to offer fresh fish which they buy from the fishermen that use the harbour. Prices are not cheap but not very expensive either, especially for fish.
Bars in the area are mainly cafeterias with tables just next to the sea, highly recommended for a coffee, a beer or a snack. There is a bar / pub above the fish tavernas at the entrance of the harbour, it offers great views of the harbour as it is located on the first floor and you can listen to live music some days here. it is more for younger people in their twenties and thirties, of course, the rest of us are not excluded :-)

Cruises and boat trips from Paphos harbour

From the harbour you can find boats that make short trips in the greater Paphos area, lasting usually a few hours. Tickets can be bought from desks in the area. You can also hire a self-drive speed boat from here for a small exploration.

Nightlife at Kato Paphos harbour area

The harbour does not offer many options, it is a place where you can eat and have a drink enjoying the sea and sun. For families with children, it is an ideal place for the kids to play safely around, and they really enjoy seeing the fish boats and the beauty of the area. During the summer, after nine in the evening, it is quieter, with fewer people walking around and mainly couples and companionships enjoying their drink. During the winter months, a visit to the area is again very nice during the day, but I would not recommend it after 5 in the afternoon when it becomes dark.


Pelican, the mascot of Paphos harbour

The mascot of the harbour area is a pelican. You can find him sitting or walking around and, of course, he is the big favourite of children and not only. Taking a picture with Kokos the pelican is one of the reasons many visit the harbour. Feeding him is not prohibited but it is better to avoid it, as he may get sick when eating many different things or too much.

View of Kato Paphos harbour from Paphos Castle
View of Kato Paphos harbour from the terrace of Paphos Castle
Kato Paphos seafront
Kato Paphos seafront in front of the harbour with Paphos Castle on the background


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